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Galactic Red Shifts May Be Quantized?

The articles I found absolutely are mind blowing revelations about red shift studies, and essentially require a completely new approach to cosmology. Could this be a clue in better understanding of Gravity as a force? Here are links I found:

Since the measurements discussed are not relying on visible light, but rather the 21 cm line of neutral hydrogen, there is a great deal of precision available in red shifted wavelength measurement. Radio astronomy is the tool employed. The red shifts do not appear continuous (for varying velocities away from observer frame of reference as in Doppler shift), but the red shifts are clumped around values that are fractions or multiples of 72 Km/sec (161.06 miles/sec, 579,813.9 miles/hour). This is a small fraction of the speed of light. What the data seems to be telling us, or is telling us is that the galaxies are not moving away from us at all, but have apparently quantized red shifts depending on galaxy type!!!

Is this a harbinger of seeing gravity (for the first time?) as a quantum field? I am not a cosmologist, but for some reason, this idea jumped out at me, especially since the authors of those links were talking about quantum red shifts, and have essentially ruled out Doppler (continuous distribution of red shift data), and are basically saying we have a static universe once again. If this is true, then WOW! It makes dark energy and dark matter discussions (almost) moot?