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Electricity Storage and usage in a DIY Project

I'm currently undertaking a DIY project of building a specific type of new drone. Let's say it's a square that will eventually fly and navigate on it's own. It will contain various things inside (sensors, boards, procesor, memory, etc). Obviously I need to power it, so my question is:

What solutions would you recommend me, in terms of batteries I can add inside the drone that would store that power so it can use it while conducting it's operations? Obviously it would require frequent charging, I get that - but what would you recommend I use for storage of that power, that would meet the following needs: 

Batteries/storage mechanism should be smaller than the drone (let's say the size of a smartphone battery would be max). Should be light, small weight (below 100 grams let's say)

Would successfully power the drone for a minimum of 1hr, obviously this is related to the consumers I got hogging the power from it, I haven't worked out the specific consumption yet but let's say, for a rough idea it wouldn't consume more than a modern smartphone does (which at full utilization, net included, lasts several hrs)

Would really much appreciate the answers, I'm not native English so excuse me if I haven't phrased the question well and it's ambiguous or confusing, please ask if you need me to elaborate or anything like that, thanks!