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Indian Standard SPECIFICATlON FOR QUENCHING OIL ( Second Revision )


0.1 This Indian Standard ( Second Revision ) was adopted by the Indian Standards Institution on 27 October 1980, after the draft finalized by the Lubricants and Related Products Sectional Committee had been by the Petroleum, Coal and Related Products Division Council. approved

0.2 This standard was originally published in 1964 and itr first revision was taken up in 1974. The present second revision has bren prepared as the result of a review of the standard by Metal Working Products Sub- committee and Lubricants and Related Products Sectional Committee in the light of present-day requirements of quenching oil. ‘. In this revision the requirements for ash, pour point, flash point, viscosity, volatility and resistance to oxidation for the various grades of oils have been modified. An additional requirement for viscosity index for compounded and additive type oils has also been added.

Petrolium & Coal Product
Standard Number: 
IS 2664
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