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Design of buildings for archives - Recommendations relating to its primary elements

Planning, Byelaws and Dimensional Co-ordination Sectional Committee, BDC 10 FOREWORD This Indian Standard ( Second Revision ) was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards on 7 February 1989, after the draft finalized by the Planning, Byelaws and Dimensional Co-ordination Sectional Committee had been approved by the Civil Engineering Division Council. The bulk of documents to be preserved for their historical, legal and administrative value is ever on the increase and government departments, universities, local bodies and many commercial firms do need expansion of existing archival facilities or establishments of new archives for this purpose. Archives have to satisfy the basic requirement that all the records that are received are housed, maintained and preserved properly. Further, archives also cater to all’types of materials which vary from one collection to another and also in their nature and sizes.

Civil Engineering
Standard Number: 
IS 2663
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