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How will the information be sent to the parents who do not have smart phone?

In case a parent does not have a smart phone the messages will be sent as sms to him. As and when he installs the app, these SMS will stop and he will receive messages via mobile app.

We have a non-traditional student population – will this program be effective on our campus?

Yes. Non-traditional students are often juggling many commitments (jobs, families, and other responsibilities) that make it difficult to immerse themselves in the campus community. We build a peer network for the school that isn’t dependent on students being on campus and provide a way for students to access valuable resources, services, and programming from anywhere.

How much upkeep is required?

The app is meant to provide a scalable way to save you time on daily tasks. After launch it will grow organically, with little to no upkeep.

How will we get students to use this?

A customized strategy devised by you and your Community and Efficacy Manager will ensure a high adoption rate. Proven strategies include online visibility, leveraging orientation for promotion, targeting key early adopters and capitalizing on the social power of the campus feed.

Is our school too small for a mobile app?

Our application works well with any number of student. We have developed and worked with a wide range of institution, our smallest counting roughly 100 students. Our USP is that we offer customized plans for schools below 1000 students in enrollment to make sure they get a lot of value out of the platform.

We already use other ERP/Systems, what’s the difference?

QUESTIN complements other systems by focusing on the student experience (time management, connecting with other students, access to information). We are very holistic in approach and tries to meet every desired requirement of the institute. Your feedback mechanism and promotion for organic community building helps in quick adoption and integration with the institute.

Can you integrate with our current platform(s)?

Yes. We pull information from your website and other resources into the application and connect with your other platforms to create a seamless experience.

Why we use Questin?

To connect with colleges and groups.