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How can I contribute to IS Code or Intl Codes?

Ask for admin permission by writing to Questin Team, or you can submit the IS Code or Intl Codes to the Questin Team and they will do the needful.

How does one change the role on the college campus?

On Website: Simply select different college and proceed accordingly.

On Mobile: Go the left-hand-side navigation menu and go to colleges. After selecting the college, register again with the new role.

Do we have the option for the mathematical operator.

Yes, we have the option of adding mathematical notations. Go to "Fx" tab in the comment section for adding mathematical notations.

What are the different method for enrollment of the student in the courses.

By signup and registering as a member of Questin platform.

How to add or remove permissions from students, faculty, alumni, and parents?

This is implemented from the backend by Questin Team.

How can a user perform a bulk operation for adding and deleting users?

This functionality is not extended to the user. Admin user can request the same to the Questin Team, and the operation can be performed from the backend.

What are the guidelines specific to different modes of payment?

Net Banking: For large transactions amount, net banking is the most preferred mode of payment. This have minimum transaction charges of flat Rs. 20/-

Debit Card/Credit Card: Kindly check with your bank with respect to your transaction limit and get the same upgraded, if required.

Paytm Wallet: Ensure you wallet is upgraded (i.e. wallet limit is upgraded to Rs.1 lakh).

The system reflects my enrollment number as ‘invalid’ or ‘incorrect’. What should I do now?

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. When the school/institute does not provide the student information, our system displays this error. Please reach out to us at customer care with your name, enrollment number and name of the school/institute, and we will get it sorted or reach out your institution to update the same.

Which schools/institutes accept fee's collection service via Questin?

List of institutes is mentioned on the website. To list your institution kindly contact the customer care.

Do I have to pay an extra charge for using fees payment via Questin?

You have to pay minimal transaction charges as low as Rs 20/- for every transaction done via netbanking. Charges for other payment options are mentioned when you proceed on the payment page.