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Is there option for adding Mathematical notation?

Currently, the option is not available on the mobile application. But Questin Web extends support for adding mathematical notations.

What are checks and balances to ensure that data uploaded by Faculty/Students are not plagiarised?

Ensuring that data uploaded on the Questin Server is not plagiarised lies with the respected college administration. To ensure the full privacy of the content Questin Team doesn't go through any data uploaded on the server.
But if any content when reported is found to be plagiarised then as per the privacy and data integrity policy Questin Team will remove the content after informing the author / administrator.

Is there option for bulk upload of files?

The option is available on the Web.

How to download data repository for Questin?

Institution administrator can request the same to Questin Team. Within 48 hours they will have a link to download the archive files in the form of a zipped folder.

The Wrong messages are getting delivered in push notification. How to Correct them or whom to report?

Share the feedback to Questin Team via feedback form .

How to clear cache in the app?

Head to the settings in the menu. Find the Questin app in the applications, tap on storage and the buttons for the clearing the cache and app data will become available. Tap on the clear cache.

Subject not getting updated in the classroom?

Kindly refresh the page or wait for few minutes.

How to view member post on his profile page?

Not available for now. We are working on it.

How to change Avatar in profile picture?

On website: Visit profile page and click on the image. A dialog box will open which will let you select the image for the profile picture. Proceed accordingly and click on save.

On Mobile: Visit profile section and click on the user picture. A dialog box will open which will allow you select and change the picture.

Uploading documents for the subject?

Use option of add material on the subject page.