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Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer, J.R. Welty, C.E. Wicks, R.E.... Momentum transfer in a fluid involves the study of the... Material Science
NJUG Guidelines on the Positioning and Colour Coding of Underground Utilities’... The statutory right of undertakers (utilities) to carry out... Management & Admin
EdgeCAM Code Generator Compiler Guide The Code Generator Compiler is an integral part of the... Computer Science & IT
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Yaduvir Singh and Mandhir Verma A circuit is an unbroken loop of conductive materials that... Electrical Engineering
Mark V Turbine Control Maintenance Manual GEH-5980E Management & Admin
Fundamentals of Geosynthetic Engineering, Sanjay Kumar Shukla and Jian-Hua Yin The development of polymeric materials in the form of... Civil Engineering
ANSYS Aqwa/Mechanical Load Mapping, Lecture 5 Free floating body, therefore no explicit boundary... Mechanical Engineering
ANSYS Aqwa Hydrodynamic Diffraction - Workshop 2.1 HD uses imported geometry from DesignModeler. This is used... Mechanical Engineering
Control System Toolbox For a Mark VI Turbine Controller - GEH-6403L This manual describes GE Control System Solutions products... Computer Science & IT
TNEB, Manual on Pre-Commissioning and Periodical Testing of Electrical Installations The need for a comprehensive manual on Substation... Management & Admin


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