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Handbook of Minnesota Historical Society The Minnesota Historical Society was formally organized on... Art & Culture
Low cost KB Drip The objective of the study was to conduct a socio-economic-... Agricultural Science
An Introduction to Boiler Maintenance One of the most important systems in your building lies... Mechanical Engineering
Civil Works Guidelines for Micro-Hydropower In Nepal Hydropower is the generation of power (mechanical and/or... Civil Engineering
Steam Turbines API 611 General Purpose Turbines - Typically used for... Mechanical Engineering
Strength of Materials, Prof. Satish C. Sharma The solid mechanics as a subject may be defined as a branch... Material Science
Gas Reticulation System Three main factors should be considered : Estimates the gas... Environmental Engineering
Guidelines for Study of Hydropower Projects Water resources are important natural resources for the... Production Engineering
Transmission Management Q1 service channels are used in message transfer between... Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
Telecommunication Regulation Handbook, Hank Intven and McCarthy Tetrault The last decade of the 20th Century saw unprecedented... Finance & Accounting
FreeBSD Handbook This book is split into five logically distinct sections.... Computer Science & IT
Structural Steelwork Eurocodes, Development of A Trans-national Approach The design of structures for buildings and bridges is... Civil Engineering
Solar Power Plant pV Module With its abundance of sunlight, India has tremendous... Renewable Energy
CodeMaster XL+ (M1722B) Defibrillator/Monitor - Service Manual This instrument is a portable defibrillator/monitor powered... Health care & Medicine
Unconventional Gas in Europe This study focuses on shale gas exploration, because shale... Environment & Sustainable
Thermochemical Characterisation of The Gas Circulation in The Relevant Cement... The present investigations were undertaken due to the... Material Science
Dynamics Modeling and Loads Analysis of an Offshore Floating Wind Turbine, J.M.... This work presents the development of a comprehensive... Renewable Energy
Effects of Dissolved Gas Supersaturation and Bubble Formation on Water Treatment... Gas bubbles that form within water treatment plants can... Material Science
American Gas Associations, Purging Principles and Practices - 2001 This manual helps provide principles and practices for... Environment & Sustainable
Hydropower Hydropower is electricity generated using the energy of... Production Engineering


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