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Bio - Medical Instrumentation, Walter H. Olson The invention, prototype design, product development,... Biomedical Engineering
Stability Analysis and Modelling of Underground Excavations in Fractured Rocks,... This book attempts to tackle the problems of modelling and... Geotechnical Engineering
Introduction to Oil and Gas Production Life on earth possibly began hundreds of millions of years... Production Engineering
Modelling of Turbulance and Combustion for Simulation of Gas Explosions in Complex... This thesis analyses and presents new models for modelling... Environmental Engineering
Wind Turbine Technology, A.R. Jha Historically, wind energy has been used since 5000 BCE; the... Renewable Energy
Design of Offshore Wind Turbine Structures This offshore standard provides principles, technical... Civil Engineering
Gas Engines, William Macgregor It is an important question why gas motors, such as Lenoir... Mechanical Engineering
The Institute of Graduate Studies - Postgraduate Handbook The Institute of Graduate Studies (IGS) or in Malay,... Management & Admin
The Mechanics of Soils and Foundations, John Atkinson This book is about the behaviour of engineering soils and... Geotechnical Engineering
Code of Safe Working Practice Safety in the workplace is now one of the most important... Management & Admin
Fluid Mechanics and Pipe Flow : Turbulence, Simulation and Dynamics, Donald Matos... Fluid mechanics is the study of how fluids move and the... Material Science
Sub - Station, Theory A substation is a part of an electrical generation,... Electrical Engineering
Bridge Design to Eurocodes The construction sector is of strategic importance to the... Civil Engineering
Natural Gas Installation Standards Handbook For your safety and protection, call for details on the... Health care & Medicine
Introduction to Offshore Structures, Hodjat Shiri The first oil platform in the world is the Oil Rocks (... Civil Engineering
Numerical Methods in Gas Dynamics, G.S.Roslyakov and G.F. Telenin This article is of an informative nature and the results... Material Science
Petroleum Reservoir Engineering, Basic Concepts, S.K. Pant Application of scientific principles to the drainage... Production Engineering
Distribution Transformer Handbook Replacing distribution transformers is relatively easy... Electrical Engineering
Wind Turbine Wake in Atmospheric Turbulence, Pierre-Elouan Réthoré This thesis describes the different steps needed to design... Renewable Energy
Guideline for Earthquake Resistant Design of Installations and Nonstructural Elements The guideline contains the "Fundamentals" of... Geotechnical Engineering


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