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Engineering Sizing Diesel Geneators Emergency diesel engine generators shall provide sufficient... Mechanical Engineering
Yaw Dynaminc of Horizental Axis Wind Turbine, A.C. Hansen This section is an introduction to the causes of wind... Renewable Energy
Hydrodynamics of a Rotating Strongly Interacting Fermi Gas, Bason Eric Clancy Strongly interacting Fermi gases are unique quantum fuids... Environmental Engineering
Main Unit Generator Sizing The calculation describes the gas turbine generator sizing... Mechanical Engineering
Urban Wind Energy, Sinisa Stankovic, Neil Campbell and Alan Harries Wind energy generation is growing rapidly worldwide and... Renewable Energy
Transformers Sizing The calculation describes the transformer sizing... Mechanical Engineering
Grounding Calculation, Part - 1 The calculation is to verify that the grounding resistance... Mechanical Engineering
Detailed Project Report – 5.00 MW Solar Power Power is a vital input for economic development and... Renewable Energy
Franchising Code of Conduct, Compliance Manual This compliance manual outlines the rights and obligations... Management & Admin
lnternational Ship and Port Facility Securiry Code (ISPS Code) - 2003 The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (... Management & Admin
Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, R.S. Amano and B. Sundén The main focus of this book is to introduce computational... Material Science
Solar Power Satellites The concept of Solar Power Satellites was invented by... Renewable Energy
Ventura County Building Code - 2007 The Ventura County Building Code contained herein is... Management & Admin
Handycam, Handbook You will find information on using your camcorder to its... Management & Admin
Inspecting Photovoltaic (Pv) Systems for Code-Compliance, Bill Brooks The basic photovoltaic device that is the building block... Management & Admin
Detailed Project Report on Solar Power Plant World Economic growth is driven by energy, whether in the... Renewable Energy
ASME Piping Code 2007 Piping for industrial plants and marine applications. This... Management & Admin
Safety Code for Passenger Ships Operating Solely in UK Categorised Waters The standards in this Code have been developed by the... Management & Admin
Shale Gas: An Updated Assessment of Environmental and Climate Change Impacts With conventional natural gas reserves declining globally... Environmental Engineering
Singapore, Transmission Code - January 2008 This Code sets the minimum conditions that the Transmission... Management & Admin