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PipelineStudio, Induction Network Training The pipeline networks modeled can be simple or complex,... Production Engineering
Solar PV Thin Film DPR The aim of this document is securing various Government... Management & Admin
North Carolina State Building Code: Administrative Code and Policies North Carolina has been a pioneer in the field of Statewide... Management & Admin
Biomedical Informatics As a field of study, biomedical informatics incorporates... Biomedical Engineering
Tabla - Charlotte Force Unbalance will be in-phase and steady. Amplitude due... Mechanical Engineering
Applied Thermodynamics, Onkar Singh The subject matter in this book covers the syllabus of the... Mechanical Engineering
International Code for Fire Safety Systems (FSS Code) The purpose of this Code is to provide international... Environment & Sustainable
Biomedical Applications of Synthetic Polymers The widespread use of synthetic polymers in technology and... Biomedical Engineering
Photovoltaic Energy Photovoltaic energy (PV), Uses energy from the sun to... Electrical Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering, Renato Lancellotta This book is about the mechanics of soils and structures... Geotechnical Engineering
International Financial Reporting Standards, A Practical Guide, Hennie van Greuning... This text, based on five earlier editions that have already... Finance & Accounting
Solar Power, Jashandeep Kaur Solar power is the generation of electricity from sunlight... Electrical Engineering
Bio-Medical Smart Sensor It is one of the main sense for sight, human take care... Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Applications of Nanotechnology Nanoscale magnetic particles are playing an increasingly... Biomedical Engineering
Solar Power This article is about generation of electricity using solar... Electrical Engineering
Vibration Analysis on Rotating Equipment, Ron Frend The study of noise and vibration phenomena dates back... Mechanical Engineering
Computational Fluid Mechanics Malestrom The dramatic improvements in supercomputing power of recent... Electronics & Communication
Fire Code - 2007 The code serves to establish the minimum requirements for... Management & Admin
Production and Transport of Oil and Gas Gathering and Transportation, A.P. Szilas Steel pipes used in transporting oil and gas are either... Production Engineering
Manual on Gas Insulated Substation The manual is a maiden attempt to consolidate information... Production Engineering