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Updating the Calibration Report for AASHTO LRFD Code The objective of this project is to fully document the... Management & Admin
An Innovative Concept to Compensate Induced Voltage Drop in Axial Flux Permanent... Wind energy is a viable option to complement other types of... Electrical Engineering
Standard Specification for Highway Construction Clearing shall consist of cutting, piling, removing and... Civil Engineering
Chhattisgarh State Electricity Supply Code - 2011 It shall apply to all persons engaged in the business of... Management & Admin
Cost-effective Design and Operation of Variable Speed Wind Turbines The wind is a vast, worldwide renewable source of energy.... Renewable Energy
Project Report on Solar Power Water Pumping System The performance of a solar water pumping system is... Renewable Energy
Turbine - Manual This module is designed to provide a trainee power station... Civil Engineering
Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing This Code applies to cargoes carried on board ships (other... Management & Admin
Bio-Medical Waste, Dr. Jaspreet Kaur Ishar Issues of improving the management of bio-medical wastes... Environment & Sustainable
Start-up and Operational Manual for Steam Turbine The start-up mode described in this manual is proposed... Management & Admin
Minnesota State Building Code - 2003 The Minnesota State Building Code, known also as the "... Management & Admin
Wind Power Integration, Connection and System Operational Aspects The main impetus for renewable energy growth has been... Electrical Engineering
Code for Sustainable Homes, Technical guide The Code for Sustainable Homes provides a comprehensive... Environment & Sustainable
Solar Power, WAAREE Modern state-of-the-art manufacturing automatic production... Renewable Energy
Thermodynamic Propertoes, Property Relationship and Processes This is followed by a treatment of ideal-gas properties... Material Science
Geostatistics for Petroleum Reservoirs This course is designed to (1) provide a web-based training... Production Engineering
Flue Gas Analysis in Industry This handbook is a valuable reference work for the... Material Science
Turbines and Governers This Clause specifies only the principal plant to be... Electrical Engineering
Handbook of Terminology, Silvia Pavel and Diane Nolet The first meaning of the word terminology is “the set of... Management & Admin
Psychiatry Residents Handbook The residency educational program of the Department of... Management & Admin


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