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Highway Surveying Manual The purpose of this chapter is to provide information... Civil Engineering
Railway Curves - Book Curves from an indispensable component of railway alignment... Civil Engineering
Uniform Probate Code The long title of the Code should be adapted to the... Management & Admin
Steam Turbine, Erection Manual The Erection Manual for 500 MW Steam Turbine (KWU design)... Mechanical Engineering
Specifications for 420 kV Class Power Transformers This section covers technical requirements/parameters for... Metallurgical Engineering
Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand - Grid Code - 1994 The full benefits of interconnect ion of individual Power... Management & Admin
Railway Technical There are many parts of the railway business which are... Management & Admin
Canadian Foundations Engineering Manual Earthquake shaking is an important source of external load... Geotechnical Engineering
Bankable Report on Selecting REC for Financial Return The majority of Asia has average irradiance levels under... Finance & Accounting
Heat Transfer Investigations at the Over-Tip Casing of a High Pressure Turbine Stage The development of gas turbines aims to an increase of... Mechanical Engineering
Steam Turbine Operation and Maintainence Instructions This manual contains information on the operation and... Management & Admin
Turbine Maintainance Book Operation of turbine with load is one of important section... Mechanical Engineering
Gas Dynamics, Ethirajan Rathakrishnan Until the nineteenth century very little knowledge of gas... Material Science
Biomedical Statistics In this demo, we will see how the MATLAB Statistics Toolbox... Finance & Accounting
Small Wind Research Turbine, Final Report, D. Corbus and M. Meadors Many small wind turbines use furling, whereby the rotor... Renewable Energy
Biomedical Engineering Automated clinical laboratories-Automated methods in... Biomedical Engineering
Technical Specification for 11kv Packaged Substation Materials, equipment and methods used in the manufacture of... Mechanical Engineering
Updating the Calibration Report for AASHTO LRFD Code The objective of this project is to fully document the... Management & Admin
An Innovative Concept to Compensate Induced Voltage Drop in Axial Flux Permanent... Wind energy is a viable option to complement other types of... Electrical Engineering
Standard Specification for Highway Construction Clearing shall consist of cutting, piling, removing and... Civil Engineering


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