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Liquid Fuels Handling Code Equipment installed at a facility or on a tank vehicle... Management & Admin
Blast Loads Effects on Highway Bridges, Zhihuayi There has been increased awareness about safety of highway... Civil Engineering
Highway Planning and Alignment India has a large road network of over 3.314 million... Civil Engineering
Bankable Buisness Plan - Outline The best way to shape your plan is by creating a detailed... Management & Admin
Solar Power Satellites & Microwave Power Transmission Technology The new millennium has introduced increased pressure for... Renewable Energy
Gas Installations This standard sets out requirements for consumer piping,... Environmental Engineering
Overhead Conductor Safe Design Tension With Respect to Aeolian Vibrations There may be several motives for controlling overhead line... Electrical Engineering
Upton Design Code - 2005 The Design Code sets the standard and should be seen as the... Management & Admin
Hydropower Development in India, A Sector Assessment, K. Ramanathan and P.... Energy security is a major concern in many of our... Finance & Accounting
Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer, J.R. Welty, C.E. Wicks, R.E.... Momentum transfer in a fluid involves the study of the... Mechanical Engineering
Manual on Data Highway/Data Highway Plus/ Data Highway II/Data Highway-485 Cable This manual explains how to plan and install a DH, DH+, DH... Management & Admin
Preparing the Gas Sector Development Program The sector goal is to facilitate economic growth, poverty... Production Engineering
Understanding and Control of Combustion Dynamics in Gas Turbine Combustors This program investigates the causes and active control of... Aerospace Engineering
Steam Turbine Auxiliaries Steam turbines are one of the major drivers of power... Mechanical Engineering
Highway Materials Subgrade soil – it is an integral part of road pavement... Civil Engineering
Standard Specifications For Construction of Roads and Bridges on Federal Highway... These Standard Specifications for the Construction of Roads... Civil Engineering
Optimal Gear Design, Veniamin I. Goldfarb, Alexander L. Kapelevich, and Alexander A... The theory and practice of gear design is rich with... Mechanical Engineering
Highway Traffic Act - Legislation An emergency response vehicle, other than an ambulance as... Management & Admin
Operation Manual of Steam Turbine :Part 1 This turbine is sub-critical, once-middle reheat, single-... Management & Admin
Project report on Quasi Turbine, Ashish Joshi The concept of a quasi turbine engine was introduced by... Mechanical Engineering


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