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Under non-conventional energy source, power generation can be made through Biomass, windmill, small Hydro Electric, Solar Photo voltaic and Solar Thermal systems. Among solar technologies useful in irrigation sector are pumping and water lifting. Small scale irrigation is one of the most potential applications of solar power. The main advantage is that solar radiation is intense when the need for irrigation is high. Further, solar power is available at the point of use, making the farmer independent of fuel supplies or electrical transmission lines. The solar pumps have the potential to revolutionize small scale irrigation in the developing countries in the near future. The technical feasibility of solar (photo voltaic) pumps has been established. The model scheme is to introduce solar water pumping and support irrigation schemes to provide a sustainable economic activity to farmers in non-electrified or under electrified rural areas. Various agencies and financial institutions are in place to assist the credit scheme targeted for non-electrified rural areas.
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