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Wind Turbine Lightning Protection Project, Brian McNiff
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) instituted a lightning protection research and support program to help minimize lightning damage to wind turbines in the United States.
Windpower Workshop. Building Your Own Wind Turbine, Hugh Piggott
Although wind is one of civilization's oldest forms of mechanical power, it suffered something of a relapse from the start of this century as the benefits of mass cheap energy supply came through.
Turbine Day, Peter Koninckx - 2015
System with fully redundant configuration for vibration and expansion monitoring with Profibus interface and option for operation from the control room. The most highly available system on the world market. Ultra-modern instrumentation with assurance of highest plant availability.
Gas Turbine Optimum Operation, Synnøve Mangerud Flesland
Study of Design Load Cases for Multi- Megawatt Onshore Vertical Axis Wind...
Wind Energy Meteorology - Atmospheric Physics for Wind Power Generation, Stefan...
A sustainable supply will only be possible from renewable energies in the long run. The presently used fossil energies are limited in their resources, produce air pollutants during combustion and endanger the Earth’s climate.
Solar Photovoltaic System
To make the electric field within a PV cell, two separate semiconductors are placed close together. These are positive and negative semi-conductors. Placing them together creates an electric field that helps transmit solar energy.
Solar Powered Arduino Weather Station
In country like India most of the people are dependent on agriculture.For effective planning in agriculture weather forecast is of utmost importance.So farmers are always interested in the Weather Forecasts.As farmers stay in remote areas, they have to wait for the news updates in TV, Radio or News
Offshore Wind Turbines - Reliability, Availability and Maintenance, Peter Tavner
The development of offshore wind power has become a pressing modern energy issue in which the United Kingdom is taking a major part, driven by the need to find new electrical power sources, avoiding the use of fossil fuels, in the knowledge of the extensive wind resource available around our islands
Detailed Project Report For 50 KWp Grid Connected Roof Top Solar PV Power Plant
India is both densely populated and has high solar insolation, providing an ideal combination for Solar Power in India. Power is the lifeline of any development of the nation. At present the power requirement is being met by three main sources viz., Thermal, Hydel and Nuclear.
Solar Net Metering
When the sun shines, solar electricity generated by your solar panels is used by the appliances in your home. So this means your home will importing less electricity from the grid as your home's appliances consume electricity directly from the solar panels.
Basics and Construction of Steam Turbines, Mihir Ramkrishna
A steam turbine is a prime mover that derives its energy of rotation due to conversion of the heat energy of steam into kinetic energy as it expands through a series of nozzles mounted on the casing or produced by the fixed blades.
Leonardo ENERGY Webinar: Wind Energy
Constant rotor speed, No blade pitching, Generator directly connected to the grid, Power control by aerodynamic Stall, Con: not very suited for MW turbines.
Wind Turbine Modeling, Carlo L. Bottasso
Simulation of wind turbine operations in a high fidelity environment: Compute extreme loads due to gusts, Evaluate fatigue damage due to turbulence, Evaluate response spectra, Judge performance and suitability of control laws, Simulate failures and off-design conditions.
Wind Turbine Technology, A.R. Jha
Deployment of wind turbine technology offers not only a reliable and cost effective approach, but eliminates the dependence on foreign oil. Furthermore, wind turbines are capable of generating large amounts of electricity at lower costs without generating harmful gases.
Wind Energy
Caused by solar energy irradiating with earth. Wind results from motion of air. Solar radiation heats the air near the equator and this low density air moves up and replaces the denser air at the poles. Hence wind energy is also called as indirect solar energy.
Inertial Response from Wind Turbines, Ian F. Moore
Wind power is an essential part of the strategy to address challenges facing the energy sector. Operation of the electricity network in 2020 will require higher levels of response and reserve from generation. The provision of inertial response from wind turbines was investigated.
Renewable Energy: Systems, Technology & Economics - Solar Radiation
Energy from the sun in the form of ultra-violet, visible and infra-red electromagnetic radiation is known as solar radiation. The sun produces light with a distribution similar to what would be expected from a 5525 K (5250 °C) blackbody, which is approximately the sun's surface temperature.
Introduction to Micro Meteorology For Wind Energy, Jacob Berg, Jakob Mann and...
Micro meteorology is a broad subject with roots in both geophysics and engineering. Both branches will be covered in this course, although the main focus will be on practical engineering applications - mainly through programming exercises.
India Solar Handbook - 2015
It may be an ambitious number but that’s missing the point. Solar fundamentals are so compelling in India that the sector is bound to grow dramatically with India likely to become one of the largest solar markets globally in the next 3 years.


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