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Study of Fatigue Design On MCT Support Structure
Clean Green energy is being desired all over the globe. It gives cleaner world and healthier environment to live. Most of the green energy resources such as tidal and wave are freely available in large amount and also sustainable.
Comparing Wet and Dry Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems, Ole Groulef Vestergaard
This bachelor project is about the difference between the wet and dry Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS). The EGCS can remove sulphur oxide in the exhaust gas on vessels equivalent to the allowed amount of sulphur content in marine fuel oil.
International Ship and Port Facility Security Code and SOLAS Amendments
The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) represents the culmination of just over a year's intense work by IMG's Maritime Safety Committee and its Maritime Security Working Group since the twenty-second session of the Assembly adopted resolution A,924(22), on the r
IBC Code 1998 Edition
The purpose of this code is to provide an international standard for safe carriage by sea bulk of dangerous and noxious liquid chemicals.
The Ocean Engineering Handbook
Periods close to, but somewhat greater than tidal, characterize processes related to the synoptic-scale atmospheric disturbances. According to meteorological analyses [14], the upper limit of the periods may be placed at 10 d.
Code for Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment
A decimal notation system has been adopted throughout. Five sets of digits cover the divisions, i.e. Section, sub-Section and paragraph. These Rules are published and changed through a system of Notices. Subscribers are forwarded copies of such Notices when the Rules change.

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