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The Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting - 2016
Choosing a postsecondary institution is a major decision for students and their families. Along with academic, financial and geographic considerations, the issue of campus safety is a vital concern.
Safety Handbook
This handbook contains the minimum safety rules applicable to employees, contractors or anyone performing Saudi Aramco work activities. Compliance to these rules is a condition of employment for Saudi Aramco employees and a contractual obligation for contractor employees.
Biotechnological Applications of Cold-Adapted Organisms, R. Margesin and R....
Fire Door Systems, A Guide to Code Compliance
THE McKEON DOOR COMPANY develops and manufactures numerous fire and smoke rated assemblies that function as wide-span opening protectives.
Anatomy Handbook
This handbook contains much of the basic information about the bones, muscles, nerves, arteries, and veins of the body that is needed in a typical gross anatomy course. Such a course typically follows a regional approach, and so does the handbook.
Gas-Phase IR Spectroscopy and Structure of Biological Molecules, Anouk M. Rijs...
Spectroscopy, in the various frequency ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum, offers the most direct experimental probe into the quantum-mechanical nature, and hence into the molecular structure, of these dilute isolated biomolecules.
Handbook of Internal Medicine
This handbook has been prepared by the COC (Medicine), Hospital Authority and contains information and materials for reference only. All information is compiled with every care that should have applied.
Life-Saving Appliances, Including LSA Code - 2010 Edition
This publication contains the three most important IMO instruments dealing with life-saving appliances, namely the International Life-Saving Appliance (LSA) Code, the Revised Recommendation on Testing of Life-Saving Appliances and the Code of Practice for the Evaluation, Testing and Acceptance of Pr
Air Tools and Air Tool Safety
Air tools are designed to provide increased productivity, long service life, and safe operation. But, as with any type of tool or machine, these advantages can be realized only through proper application, proper maintenance, and user training.
Handbook for the Management of Children with Cystic Fibrosis
The parents of the newly diagnosed infant with CF (who may be accompanied by other supporting relatives) are called in to the hospital to discuss the implications of the diagnosis of CF.
Environmental, Health, And Safety Guidelines Wind Energy
The EHS Guidelines contain the performance levels and measures that are generally considered to be achievable in new facilities by existing technology at reasonable costs.
Code of Practice for Passenger Ropeways in New Zealand
This Code of Practice has been developed in collaboration with the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council and the ski industry, ski areas and ski clubs of New Zealand, for the guidance and assistance of all involved with the establishment, maintenance and overall safety of uphill facilities.
Mechanical Safety Engineering, Edward Ang
The objective of this Standard is to protect every workingman against the dangers of injury, sickness or death through safe and healthful working conditions, thereby assuring the conservation of valuable manpower resources and the prevention of loss or damage to lives and properties, consistent wit
NETA - Safety Handbook, Volume 1
In the future each quarterly issue of NETA World will have an article on Electrical Safety. The focus will be topics regarding shock and arc flash and will be written by different members of the NETA Safety Committee.
Highway Safety and Truck Crash Comparative Analysis Technical Report
The analyses indicate that the safety implications of the alternative truck configurations vary across the array of vehicles examined.
Veterinary Manual
This veterinary manual is intended for use by Murphy-Brown service people and farm managers as a guide for investigation, diagnosing and treating routine disease conditions in our swine herds.
Associate Degree in Nursing Program - Students Handbook
The purpose of the student handbook is to acquaint new and current students, faculty and staff with the activities, policies, organizations, services, and regulations of the ADN program.
Critical Care Intravenous Infusion Drug Handbook, Gary J. Algozzine, Robert...
The information in this handbook provides guidelines for administration of commonly prescribed intravenous (IV) infusion medications. The intent is to provide a guide to support quality patient care with regard to the clinical use of specific drugs in hospital settings.
Road Safety Audit
Road Safety Audit has the greatest potential for improving safety and is most cost-effective when it is applied to a road or traffic design before the project is built.
Report on Landslide Inventory & Land-use Mapping, DEM Preparation,...
The incidents of landslides are becoming a very frequent disaster in many countries in Asia.


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