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Model for Economical Analysis of Oil and Gas Deepwater Production Concepts,...
The scope of the work was to create a model that will allow the comparison of Life Cycle Costs (LCC) for subsea production systems and floating structures with dry wellheads for the Mexican territorial waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
Financial Feasibility of Solar Power Project With Special Reference to Rural...
Energy is an important input for economic development. Since exhaustible energy sources in the country are limited, there is an urgent need to focus attention on development of renewable energy sources and use of energy efficient technologies.
Bankable Report On For setting-up of Poly-House on 8000 Sq Mt of Agriculture...
Poly houses are built of a pre-galvanized channel cum tubular structure /tubular structure wherein crops are grown under favorable controlled environment & other conditions viz temperature, humidity, light intensity, ventilation, soil media, disease control, irrigation, fustigation throughout th
Wind Turbine Design, Performance, And Economic Analysis, James H. Sexton
This paper is an investigation of the economic feasibility of small scale (1 to 70 kw) wind energy conversion systems (WECS).
Leveraging Oil and Gas Industry for the Development of a Competitive Private...
Oil revenues can be used to finance priority domestic investments crucial for diversified growth.
NI 43-101 Technical Report Bankable Feasibility Study Update of the Bonasika...
This NI 43-101 compliant Feasibility Study Update of the Bonasika project has been prepared at the request of First Bauxite, after additional investigation was carried out in 2010 on the Waratilla-Cartwright Prospecting Licence (“W-CPL”).
Solar Power Plant Pre-feasibility Study
This study identifies a 22 MW project that uses solar thermal trough technology, similar to new overseas plants, as the best option for the ACT.
The Relationship between Crude Oil and Natural Gas Prices and its Effect on...
The overall theme of the three chapters is the relationship between the prices of natural gas and crude oil, and the factors that cause short run departures from the long run equilibrium price relationship.
Transforming the Face of Medicine: Advances in Biomedical Science, Tammy S. Neff
Advances in biomedical science are transforming the way healthcare is being provided. This booklet examines some breakthrough innovations, along with a look at some of the companies making these advancements.
Technical Guide on Internal Audit in Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing (...
The oil and gas industry is risky, wildly expensive and critical to every person on the planet. It fuels nearly every other industry in the world, from agriculture to information technology.
Financial Risks and Bankability In EPC Contracts, Rahul Bali and M.R. Apte
EPC contracts are the most common form of contract used to undertake construction works on large-scale. EPC Contractor has to deliver a complete facility for a guaranteed price by a guaranteed date and it must perform to the specified level.
Model Bankable Project - Composite Fish Culture
Fish is the cheapest and most easily digestible animal protein and was obtained from natural sources from time immemorial for consumption by human beings.
Economic Analysis of Methane Emission Reduction Opportunities in the U.S....
Methane is an important climate change forcing greenhouse gas (GHG) with a short‐term impact many times greater than carbon dioxide. Methane comprised 9% of U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2011 according to the U.S.
Bankability of Solar PV Projects
While conventional power projects are facing the fuel availability challenges and fuel price uncertainty, investors are looking renewable as preferred options to remain in power sector.
Economic Viability of Shale Gas Production in the Marcellus Shale; Indicated by...
The U.S. natural gas industry has changed because of the recent ability to produce natural gas from unconventional shale deposits. One of the largest and most important deposits is the Marcellus Shale.
Development of a Framework for Thermoeconomic Optimization of Simple and...
The problem consists of selecting simple and combined gas-turbine cycles with high thermal efficiency and low capital cost is the subject of this study.
Economic Framework For Power Quality
The evaluation of power quality improvement alternatives is an exercise in economics. Facility managers and utility engineers must evaluate the economic impacts of the power quality variations against the costs of improving performance for the different alternatives.
Wind Turbine Feasibility Study
The wind resource was estimated using wind data collected on site, as well as from local meteorological weather stations and the state wind resource map.
Spon’s First Stage Estimating Handbook, Bryan Spain
Assessing the total cost of a construction project is a continuous process that commences when the client asks his professional advisors what it will cost. It ends when the cheque for the release of the last portion of the retention is paid and the final account is settled.
Small-Scale Hydropower in the Miraflor National Reserve, Feasibility Report
This report contains the results of a feasibility study of small-scale hydropower in the Miraflor National Reserve in Estelí, Nicaragua. In addition to that, this report contains a thorough explanation of the process of obtaining the results.


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