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Life Cycle Analysis of Natural Gas Extraction and Power Generation
In a life cycle analysis, comparisons must be based on an equivalent service or function, which in this study is the delivery of 1 MWh of electricity to an end user.
Highway Runoff Treatment in Croatia
Chemical and biological composition of the highway runoff has negative impact on the environment, specially on the ground and surface waters. This impact has a chronic and acute effect on water quality and its extent is functionally related to the traffic volume (ADT), road conditions and climate.
Flue Gas Analysis in Industry - Practical Guide for Emission and Process...
This handbook is a valuable reference work for the application of portable flue gas analyzer in industry. Frequent questions arising from practical use are answered based on the worldwide experience of many thousands of testo analyzer users.
Gas Ejector Modeling For Design And Analysis, Chaqing Liao
A generalized ejector model was successfully developed for gas ejector design and performance analysis. Previous 1-D analytical models can be derived from this new comprehensive model as particular cases.
Handbook of Environmental Engineering - Advances in Water Resources Management
Since an environmental water resources engineer must understand science within the context of applications, we first present the development of the scientific basis of a particular subject, followed by exposition of the pertinent design concepts and operations, and detailed explanations of their app
Detailed Project Report for Biogas Power Plant + Organic Fertilizer Unit
The Project proposes to use a wide range of locally generated Biomass (agri / industrial residues and animal waste) along with cultivation of energy crops. To undertake integrated Agriculture + Bio-Energy Projects through optimal utilization of locally available resources.
Gas Flaring Reduction in the Indonesian Oil and Gas Sector, Gustya Indriani
Indonesia currently ranks as the world’s 17th oil and 6th gas producer, but its production levels are slowly declining. In Indonesia, the oil companies may extract, process and market associated gas jointly with the State Oil and Gas Board.
Mangrove Management Handbook
Mangrove is a type of forest growing along tidal DENR 1995 statistics, conversion to fishponds, prawn mudflats and along shallow water coastal areas extending farms, salt ponds, reclamation and other forms of inland along rivers, streams and their tributaries where industrial development has red
Inert Gas System/Crude Oil Washing
In the late sixties, and until today, the shipping world has been shocked by several severe tanker explosions. In most cases, it is believed that a proper use of the Inert Gas in the tanks might have saved the ships and many lives.
Handbook of Plastics and Biocomposites Engineering Applications, Srikanth Pilla
The incorporation of bio-resources like plant derived biofibres and bioplastics into composite materials are gaining prime importance in designing and engineering green composites.
Natural Gas Engineering - Production II, NGP 604, Dr. Adel Salem
There are over 949,550 producing oil wells all over the world, about 93% of these wells are operated using different artificial lift methods and roughly over 72% are producing using beam pumping system.
Nat Gas Technical
The primary function of any gas regulator is to match the flow of gas through the regulator to the demand for gas placed upon the system. At the same time, the regulator must maintain the system pressure within certain acceptable limits.
Troubleshooting Natural Gas Processing, Norman P. Lieberman
The natural gas which flows from a well is wet, saturated with heavy hydrocarbons and contaminated with salt and sand. Gas pressure at the wellhead varies from a few PSIG to ten thousand pounds. Natural gas flowing from deeper wells may contain large quantities of hydrogen sulfide.
Gas Reservoir Engineering
Natural gas reservoirs are reservoirs in which the contained hydrocarbon fluids exist wholly as a vapor phase at pressure values equal to or less than the initial value. Unlike saturated crude oils and condensates, natural gases do not undergo phase changes upon reduction in reservoir pressure.
Flue Gas And Fly Ash, P.F.Sens and J.K.Wilkinson
The present volume represents the third publication from the energy R&D programme “Utilization of Solid Fuels”, performed under the supervision of Directorate-General XII for Science, Research and Development of the Commission of the European Communities.
Handbook of Engineering Hydrology, Saeid Eslamian
Hydrological and ecological connectivity is a matter of high concern.
A Practical Treatise on Gas Light
The flame of burning bodies consist of such inflammable matter in the act of combustion as is capable of forming a substance called Hydrogen-Gas or inflammable air, more or less pure.
Design and Operations of Natural Gas Handling Facilities, Majid Abedinzadegan...
Biogenic methane results from the decomposition of organic matter by methanogens, which are methane-producing micro-organisms and which pervade the near surface of the Earth's crust in regions devoid of oxygen, where temperatures do not exceed 97 degrees Celsius (207 degrees Fahrenheit).
Standard Handbook on Environmental Engineering, Robert A. Corbitt
Environmental engineering is essential for development of facilities for protection of the environment and for the proper management of natural resources.
GasTurb 12 - Design and Off-Design Performance of Gas Turbines, Joachim Kurzk
GasTurb 12, a program which makes it easy to evaluate the design and off-design performance of the most common types of gas turbines.


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