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Report on Design of Clean Energy System Solar Energy & Conversion Technique...
The main purpose of this design project is to design a solar cell that will be able to charge a Powersonic battery with specification of 12V and 30Ah. In this project, we used PSIM software as a stimulator to stimulate the behavior of the design circuit.
ABB - Sizing Calculation for UPS
Feeder Description not enlisted in the TPL document. However, load has been retained. Reference has been taken from UPS sizing calculation of HZL, Phase-I, Unit-1
Turbine Historian - System Guide
This manual describes the Historian data archival systems used with GE’s SPEEDTRONIC Turbine Control Systems. Emphasis in this document is on how the Historian is used by the operator, and how it is configured by the engineer.
Dynamic Models for Turbine-Governors in Power System Studies
Power system stability studies deal primarily with transient angle and voltage stability, small‐signal stability and frequency control and stability. Reference provides the definitions of each of these types of stability problems.
Sag-tension Calculations
Maximum sag so that clearance to ground and other conductors can be maintained. Maximum tension so that structures can be designed to withstand it. Minimum sag to control structure uplift problems. H/w during “coldest month”to limit aeolian vibration.
Wireless Power Transmission of Space Based Solar Power
The aim of this paper is to analyze advanced solar dynamic space power systems for electrical space power generation. Space-based solar power [1] (SBSP) is a system for the collection of solar power in space, to meet the ever increasing demand for energy on Earth.

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