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Design Of Foundations For Wind Turbines, Henrik Svensson
Today, we build the most land-based wind turbines on strong and stiff soils, but probably in the future wind turbines will have to be built also on soils with less good properties.
Oil & Gas Plant Construction
The purpose of this presentation is to give an understanding of the Methods, Plant and Sequence to construct a Gas & Oil Plant. This presentation can be used to engage Stakeholders and to get the Site Teams commitment to the programme.
Surveying Fundamentals and Practices, Jerry Nathanson, Michael T. Lanzafama and...
Surveying Fundamentals and Practices is an introductory textbook for use in colleges or technical schools where a basic but practical approach to surveying is desired. It is of value primarily to students in civil and civil/construction technology programs.
The Principles and Practice of Surveying (PS) Reference Handbook
The Principles and Practice of Surveying (PS) Exam is a closed-book exam. The PS Reference Handbook supplied by NCEES is the only material you may use. The Handbook does not contain all the information required to answer every question on the exam.
Highway Slope Manual
The purpose of this Manual is to recommend a standard of good practice on slope engineering that is specific for the planning, investigation, design and construction of projects in Hong Kong that involve highway slopes and for their maintenance.
Highway Planning and Alignment
India has a large road network of over 3.314 million kilometers of roadways (2.1 million miles), making it 3rd largest road network in the world.
Human Errors In Structural Design And Construction, Ali Yousef Ali Al Amouri
The construction sector in the United Arab Emirates has witnessed an unparalleled growth in the past decade. In spite of recent challenges due to global recession, this sector remains strong in the Gulf region.
Seismic Analysis of Wind Turbines, Aitor Arrospide Sanz
Fragility analysis of a monopile based offshore wind turbine subjected to multi-hazard environment (wind, waves, currents and earthquakes) is conducted within the framework of this study.
Bridge Engineering Handbook, Ed. Wai-Fah Chen and Lian Duan
Planning and designing of bridges is part art and part compromise, the most significant aspect of structural engineering. It is the manifestation of the creative capability of designers and demonstrates their imagination, innovation and exploration.
Building Materials Engineering - Concrete
Highway Planning and Alignment
Highway Material Characterization, Prof. Ujjval J. Solanki
Guide to Concrete Repair, Kurt F. von Fay
Concrete Construction Products - Precast Handbook
Pocket Book For Highway Engineers
Highway and Traffic Engineering, Bicky Agarwal
Concrete Basements, R.S. Narayanan and C.H. Goodchild
Highway Engineering, Dr. Manuel Muhi
Steel Bridge Design Handbook : Corrosion Protection of Steel Bridges
Synthetic Lightweight Aggregate for Highway Construction


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