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Forensic Applications of Gas Chromatography, Michelle Groves Carlin and John R...
The Analytical Concepts in Forensic Chemistry Series has been written with the undergraduate and postgraduate student in mind. The emphasis in each book is placed upon the understanding of a specific analytical technique that is used in forensic chemistry disciplines.
International AS and A Level Chemistry, Revision Guide, David Bevan
This Revision Guide will help you to do that in a planned way, topic by topic. Use this book as the cornerstone of your revision and don’t hesitate to write in it — personalise your notes and check your progress by ticking off each section as you revise.
Modern Petrochemicals, Ali El-Shekeil
Petrochemicals are the branch of chemicals produced partially or totally from petroleum or natural gas.
Mass and Heat Transfer - Analysis Of Mass Contractors And Heat Exchangers
This text is designed to teach you how to carry out quantitative analysis of physical phenomena important to chemical professionals. In the chemical engineering curriculum, this course is typically taught in the junior year.
Effect of Viscosity on Gas-Liquid Flow Calculation in a Dynamic Process...
Gas-liquid two-phase flow occurs in safety valve calculations in the process industry. In order to size the safety valves reliably, the pressure drop calculations of the two-phase flow needs to be accurate. Two-phase flow is affected by many variables such as the viscosity.
The AIChE - Pocket Handbook, Thomas R. Hanley
The purpose of this handbook is to make readily available in a limited number of pages some of the more important chemical, biological, physical, safety, and mathematical data and concepts that are fundamental to the practice of the chemical engineering profession.
Gasoline from Wood via Integrated Gasification, Synthesis, and Methanol-to-...
The thermochemical route of biomass gasification produces a syngas rich in hydrogen and carbon monoxide. The syngas is then converted into methanol, and the methanol is converted to gasoline using the methanol-to-gasoline (MTG) process first developed by Exxon Mobil.
Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry, Revision Guide, David Bevan
This book is intended to help you to prepare for your University of Cambridge International AS and A level chemistry examinations.
Process Design and Economics for Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass to...
U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has promoted the development of ethanol and other liquid fuels from lignocellulosic feedstocks by sponsoring programs in fundamental and applied research that aim to advance biomass conversion technologies.
Lubricants - Handbook
This handbook, compiled by Ethyl, aims to provide a single source for summaries of the most widely used specifications for crankcase, drivetrain, industrial and tractor oils, together with the associated bench, rig and engine test procedures.
Transport Processes and Unit Operations, Christie J. Geankoplis
In the chemical and other physical processing industries and the food and biological processing industries, many similarities exist in the manner in which the entering feed materials are modified or processed into final materials of chemical and biological products.
Process Control: Modeling, Design, and Simulation, B. Wayne Bequette
The major goal of this textbook is to teach students to analyze dynamic chemical processes and develop automatic control strategies to operate them safely and economically. My experience is that students learn best with immediate simulation-based reinforcement of basic concepts.
Hydrochloric Acid - Handbook
Hydrochloric acid, also known as muriatic acid, is an aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride gas.
Handbook of Chemical Process Hazardous Material Object
The purpose of this handbook is to facilitate, within the DOE, the performance of chemical process hazards analyses (PrHAs) as required under the PSM Rule. It provides basic information for the performance of PrHAs, and should not be considered a complete resource on PrHA methods.
Chemistry - Facts and Practice for A level
Chemistry is fundamental to understanding the world around us, simply because everything is made of chemicals. From planets to cosmetics, and microbes to bridges, chemistry underpins how materials behave.
Polymers - Handbook
The O-ring has become the world’s most popular and versatile seal due to its simple shape, low space requirements, and its availability in a vast selection of sizes and compounds to meet every industrial requirement.
Heat-Transfer Calculations, Myer Kutz
Heat-Transfer Calculations opens with eight brief industrial heat-transfer calculations. While they are short, especially when compared to the calculations that make up the bulk of this handbook, these opening calculations are not trivial.
Aspen Tech Handbook: A Technical Aide for Chemical Engineering Process Design...
The purpose of this chapter is mainly to demonstrate how to setup a shared folder on the computer lab network, how to optionally set up one from your home, as well as to discuss some of the more pertinent issues regarding managing and securing the integrity of your computer that are useful to know.

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