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Planning And Design Of Irrigation System For A Farm In Tanjavur By Using Remote...
Fertilizer Application and Management for Micro (Drip)-Irrigated Vegetables
Microirrigation and Fertigation refer to applying irrigation water (and) fertilizer nutrients through small emitters placed on or in the soil near the plants. Drip irrigation is an important irrigation method in many crop production areas of the world.
Drip Irrigation
Irrigation may be defined as the process of supplying water to land by artificial means for the purpose of cultivation. Ordinarily water is supplied to land by nature through rain but generally it is not enough for the proper growth of plants.
Vineyard Layout and Irrigation Design, Riley Way
This project encompasses the design and evaluation of an irrigation system for a new plot of land. The field was recently purchased by a winery by the name of Roche, and the vineyard manager in charge of the field has asked for a design and cost analysis for an irrigation system.
Design and Evaluation of a Simple PVC Drip Irrigation, Evans Asenso
Maize (Zea mays, L.) is an important staple crop and has contributed significantly in ensuring food security and the growth of Ghana‟s economy. Its productivity over the years has been limited by unpredictable rainfall pattern.
Arecanut Cultivation Under Micro Irrigation
The arecanut palm is the source of common masticatory nut, popularly known as betel nut or supari. In India it is extensively used by all sections of people as a masticatory and for several religious and social ceremonies.
Drip Irrigation - Design Guide
Drip Irrigation, also commonly referred to as micro-irrigation, trickle irrigation, low volume irrigation or xerigation.
Water Requirements Of Major Crops For Different Agro-Ecological Zones
In this study, historical meteorological data such as maximum-minimum temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, sunshine hours and rainfall were collected from 15 stations for the last 44 years (1961-2004).
Irrigation handbook
Nature, it is often said, is truly amazing. With the right combination of sun, soil, temperature and water, plant life can flourish. Sometimes, however, nature can use a helping hand. Adding water through irrigation has been practiced for thousands of years.
A Framework for Development and Evaluation of Policies and Programs for Urban...
Water resources around the world are under increasing pressure from growing populations and the matching demand for food.
Drip Irrigation Handbook
Drip irrigation is the slow and precise delivery of water to chosen plantings. It uses flexible polyethylene tubing with devices for dripping water (emitters) and low-volume sprays. The systems are easy to install, require no trenching, and the only tools needed are pruning shears and a punch.
Soil Testing Handbook, Bruce R. Hoskins
Soil testing is far from a uniform practice across the United States. Soil fertility testing is really the combination of three discrete but interrelated processes: analysis, interpretation, and recommendation (Eckert,1987).
Design of Drip Irrigation System, Dr. Muhammad Ashraf
Drip irrigation is the slow, precise application of water and nutrients directly to the plants' root zones in a predetermined pattern using a point source.
Simple Drip Irrigation
Layout Design: Single Bed.Layout Design: Double bed. Materials for Installation - Drip kit, Spade, driller, seedlings, compost, water. Constructing the Head Structure.Preparation of the crop beds. Connecting the tap outlet and fixing the fine filter. Laying and joining pipes.
Design of Irrigation Structures
The methodology followed was adopted from procedures set by FAO 2001. The reason for using this methodology is that it is clear and specific. In addition it is applicable worldwide for a smallholder farms.
Irrigation Fundamentals
Irrigation Fundamentals is a comprehensive text on the basic principles and practices of applied agricultural irrigation.
Drip Irrigation for Small Plots, Dan Smeal
The slow, frequent application of small volumes of irrigation water to the base or root zone of plants. Also referred to as trickle or micro irrigation. Not new: Modern use began in the late 1960’s to early 1970’s after the introduction of plastic pipe.
Water Policy Research, Highlights, Hemant K. Pullabhotla, Chandan Kumar and...
Despite a slew of positive studies and years of government and NGO promotion, farmer enthusiasm for micro-irrigation technologies has been lukewarm in most parts of India.
Gravity-Fed Drip Irrigation Design Procedure for a Single-Manifold Subunit, P....
A simple procedure was developed for the design of low-cost, gravity-fed, drip irrigation single manifold subunits in hilly areas with laterals to one or both sides of the manifold.
Ford Irrigation Products In Use
A fast, economical method of restraining water main fittings and valves used in PVC piping systems, the Uni-Flange Block Buster Series 1300 offers guaranteed joint restraint, in any soil condition, every time. It eliminates the need for expensive, time consuming concrete thrust blocks.


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