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Experimental Analysis of Near and Transitional Wind Turbine Wake Using Stereo...
For a wind turbine, the flow downstream of the turbines (wake) is influenced by the power extraction process. This causes a momentum deficit behind the rotor, resulting in lower velocities in the wake than the free-stream velocity.
Gas Turbine Diagnostics Signal Processing and Fault Isolation, Ranjan Ganguli
Gas turbines are very important components of modern infrastructure and are widely used in power generation. In particular, gas turbines are used for propulsion in jet engines that power most commercial and military aircraft.
NASA - Turbine Design and Application, Arthur J. Glassman
NASA has an interest in turbines related primarily to aeronautics and space applications. Airbreathing turbine engines provide jet and turbo- shaft propulsion, as well as auxiliary power for aircraft, Propellant - driven turbines provide rocket propulsion and auxiliary p(ower for spacecraft.
Gas Turbines, WB4420 / 4421, J.P. van Buijtenen and Wilfried Visser
The gas turbine engine is a machine delivering mechanical power (or thrust in case of a jet engine) using a gaseous working fluid.
Handbook On Radio Frequency Spectrum Requirements For Civil Aviation
The paper provides information on the detailed frequency assignment planning criteria for VHF air/ground communication systems and the approval procedures of these, through amending the current provisions in the Regional Plan for the Asia and Pacific Regions through APANPIRG.
Off-Design Performance Prediction of Gas Turbines without the use of Compressor...
A new method of predicting gas turbine off-design performance is presented. This method, referred to as the core control method, is based on the idea that performance across a gas turbine depends on a single parameter that controls the energy input to the said gas turbine.
Aero Gas Turbine Design
Jet Propulsion is a practical application of Newton’s III Law of motion. For every force acting on a body there is an equal and opposite reaction. In the case of aircraft propulsion “ the body ” is atmospheric air that is caused to accelerate.
Airfoils for Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines, Anders Bjorck
Airfoils for use on horizontal axis wind turbines have been designed. The airfoils are divided into three different series: The first series, FFA-Wl-xxx, constitutes airfoils with thickness to chord ratios from 12.8% to 27. 1%.
Influence of axial and radial clearances on the performance of a turbine stage...
This thesis was undertaken to determine the effects of axial and radial clearances on the performance of a single stage turbine with blunt leading edges and non- twisted blades.
Numerical Simulation Of Three-Dimensional Free Surface Film Flow Over Or Around...
Within the bearing chamber of a gas turbine aero-engine, lubrication of the shaft and other bearings is achieved by an oil film which may become significantly disturbed by interacting with a range of chamber geometries which protrude from the chamber wall.
Gas Turbine Emissions, Tim C. Lieuwen and Vigor Yang
Most projections indicate that combustion-based energy conversion systems will remain the predominant approach for the majority of our energy usage.
Aerodynamic Optimization of Building Augmented Wind Turbines, John Adam...
The omnipresence of wind, low production cost and much advancement within the field, wind power provides a vast and promising renewable energy resource.
Technical Manual - Aviation Unit and Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Manual
This manual is issued expressly for Aviation Unit Maintenance (AVUM) and Aviation Intermediate Maintenance (AVIM) activities.
Understanding and Control of Combustion Dynamics in Gas Turbine Combustors
This program investigates the causes and active control of combustion driven oscillations in low emissions gas turbines. These oscillations are a critical problem encountered in the development of new systems and the availability and maintainability of fielded systems.

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