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06 Aug

Study of damping in layered and welded beams

Vibration and noise reduction are crucial in maintaining high performance level and prolonging the useful life of machinery, automobiles, aerodynamic and spacecraft structures.

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23 Sep

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Solar Powered Solid Desiccant Dehumidifier

In many parts of India, hot and humid conditions are present. In such an environment, the dry air is essential for domestic and industrial purposes. The dry air is produced by using the simple vapour compression system but it leads to environmental issues.

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07 Sep

Transverse Vibrational Analysis of a Simply Supported Beam

The bending phenomenon is common in simply supported beams as the beams are subjected to flexural loading in design considerations.

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07 Sep

Structural Design, Estimating & Costing of Material for Type- I Residential Building

This project is to present design, structural specification, estimating & costing of material for type-I residential building for said course Diploma in civil engi

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