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Energy and SteamForms, Sources and classification of energy. Utilization of energy with simple block diagrams. Steam formation. Types of steam. Steam properties-Specific Volume, Enthalpy and Internal energy. (simple numerical problems) Steam boilers - classification, Lancashire boiler, Babcock and Wilcox boiler, boiler mountings, accessories, their locations and applications. (No sketches for mountings and accessories)TurbinesSteam turbines - Classification, Principle of operation of Impulse and reaction. Delaval's turbine, Parson's turbine. Compounding of Impulse turbines.Gas turbines - Classification, Working principles and Operations of Open cycle and Closed cycle gas turbines.Water turbines - Classification, Principles and operations of Pelton wheel, Francis turbine and Kaplan turbine.Internal Combustion EnginesClassification, I.C. Engines parts, 2/4 - Stroke petrol and 4-stroke diesel engines. P-V diagrams of Otto and Diesel cycles. Simple problems on indicated power, brake power, indicated thermal efficiency, brake thermal efficiency, mechanical efficiency and specific fuel consumption.Refrigeration and Air ConditioningRefrigerants, properties of refrigerants, list of commonly used refrigerants. Refrigeration - Definitions - Refrigerating effect, Ton of refrigeration, Ice making capacity, COP, Relative COP, Unit of Refrigeration. Principle and working of vapor compression refrigeration and vapor absorption refrigeration. Principles and applications of air conditioners. Room air conditioner.Lathe and Drilling MachinesLathe - Principle of working of a Centre Lathe. Parts of a lathe. Operations on lathe - Turning, Facing, Knurling, thread Cutting, Drilling, Taper Turning by Tailstock offset method and Compound slide swiveling method. Specification of lathe.Drilling MachinePrinciple of working and classification of drilling machines. Bench drilling machine, Radial drilling machine. Operations on drilling machine - Drilling, Boring, Reaming, Tapping, Counter sinking, Counter boring and spot facing. Specification of radial drilling machine.Milling and Grinding MachinesMilling Machine - Principle of milling, Types of milling machines. Principle and working of horizontal and vertical milling machines. Milling processes - Plane milling, End milling, Slot milling, Angular milling, Form milling, Straddle milling and Gang milling. Specification of universal milling machine.Grinding Machine - Principle and classification of grinding machines. Abrasives - Definition, types and applications. Bonding materials. Type of grinding machines, Principle and working of surface grinding, Cylindrical grinding and centerless grinding.Joining Processes, Lubrication and Bearings,Soldering, Brazing and Welding,Definitions,Classification and method of soldering, Brazing and welding and differences. Brief description of Arc welding and Oxy-Acetylene welding.Lubrication and BearingsLubricants-classification and properties. Screwcap, Tell-tale, Drop feed, Wick feed and needle lubricators. Ring, splash and full pressure lubrication. Classification of bearings, Bushed bearing, Pedestal bearing, Pivot bearing, Collar bearings and Antifriction bearings.Power TransmissionBelt Drives - Classification and applications, Derivations on Length of belt. Definitions - Velocity ratio, Creep and slip, Idler pulley, Stepped pulley and fast and loose pulley.Gears - Definitions, Terminology, types and uses. Gear drives and gear.Trains - Definitions and classifications, Simple problems.

Mechanical Engineering