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Design Rules for Problem Free Injection Molded Plastic Parts

In the last couple of decades, use of lightweight alternatives such as plastics and composites has dramatically increased, with its applications well entrenched in automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics industry.

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3D Architectural Rendering - Great Invention For Architectural Industry ?

3D Architectural Rendering has given great value in order to provide excellent visualization services. Most firms usually use this service in the pre visualization stage. This is an excellent tool wherein the viewers are able to move the objects around and view their future projects from multiple angles, thus providing more confidence to the potential clients for their projects. The renders allow the 360 degree panorama for its users, so the viewers can use it in order to view the project both from inside as well as outside.

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Web-based Weather Service to Help Building Design

The 1.6 million virtual weather locations are located no more than 8.8 miles (14 km) from any given project location covered by the data set. The virtual weather locations were developed using weather data from a variety of government and other public sources, such as airports, ocean or river buoys, and aircraft and satellite readings. An observations-based physics model (mesoscale meteorological model) was then generated for each region.

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