Top Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Faizabad

Faizabad district is one of the districts of Uttar Pradesh state in northern India. Faizabad city is the administrative headquarters of this district. The district occupies an area of 2,764 km². The city of Faizabad originally known as Fyzabad, is situated in Eastern India, in Uttar Pradesh State, on the bank of River Saryu, about 130 k.m. east of Lucknow. Cultural heritage of district originates in the past from the kingdom of Suryavanshis. The Climate of the district may be treated as normal. The effect of rains, winter and summer are not very harsh.So a pleasant whether remains throughout the year.

Education and training in Faizabad aims at imparting knowledge, wisdom and good judgment. The basic aim of education in Faizabad has since time memorial been the transfer of culture from the past to the new generations. While training in Faizabad encompasses practical or vocational teaching related to specific skills. Training in Faizabad offers the backbone to the various technical institutes and colleges and develops the students professionally. Training helps the entire system of learning through the medium of observation, instruction and practice.

Government ITI, Sohawal, Faizabad2007NCVT 
Government ITI, Amanigunj, Faizabad1962NCVT**
Ram Janki Private ITI, Milkipur2014NCVT**
Shreemati Dhanpata Mauraya Private ITI, Rasoolpur2015NCVT**
Shivpujan Private ITI, Rani Bazar2015NCVT 
Shri Vijay Krishna Private ITI, Kot Saray2014NCVT*
Gazi Sarkar Private ITI, Faizabad2013NCVT**
Krishna Private ITI, Pure Husain Khan2013NCVT 
Tara Private ITI, Faizabad2013NCVT*
Kaushailya Devi Smarak Private ITI, Amawa Sufi2014NCVT**
Saheed Ashfar Ullah Private ITI, Khojanpur2014NCVT 
Shekhar Private ITI, Khandasa2014NCVT*
Maharaja Private ITI, Ayodhya2013NCVT*
Late Shri Jang Bahadur Singh Private ITI, Saraiya2012NCVT 
Deva Private ITI, Kadipur2013NCVT 
Er. Ramsagar Rajpati Private ITI, Masodha2012NCVT**
Ramsumair Private ITI, Dabha Semar2012NCVT*
Jugunu Singh Private ITI, Pura Bazar2012NCVT*
Janak Dulari Private ITI, Rampur Bhagan2012NCVT*
Gramodaya Private ITI, Rampur Sargha2012NCVT 
Shiveshakti Private ITI, Bikapur2012NCVT*
Shri Krishna Private ITI, Mangari2012NCVT 
Janaklali Private ITI, Lakhauri2012NCVT 
Palakdhari Singh Private ITI, Rampur Sargha2012NCVT 
Wits Private ITI, Dilasiganj2012NCVT*
Deen Dayal Private ITI, Bakarganj2012NCVT**
Nav Jyoti Private ITI, Rampur Sargha2012NCVT*
Krishna Private ITI, Bikapur2012NCVT 
Ram Manohar Private ITI, Kuchera2012NCVT 
Sri Ram Lagan Chandra Bali Private ITI, Rampur Halwara2012NCVT*
Sri Vishwanath Singh Private ITI, Deorhi2012NCVT*
Pt. Ambika Prasad Kamla Devi Private ITI, Dabha Semar2012NCVT*
Anuradha Private ITI, Gopalpur2012NCVT 
Humaida Private ITI, Sohawal2012NCVT**
Rajpati Private ITI, Milkipur2012NCVT 
Faizabad Private ITI, Janoura2011NCVT 
Karma Private ITI, Gosainganj2011NCVT 
Parmeshwari Devi Private ITI, Hanumat Nagar2012NCVT**
Patel Private ITI, Darshan Nagar2012NCVT*
Jhunjhunwala Private ITI, Hasanpur2012NCVT 
Maa Mahakali Bhale Sultan Private ITI, Dharauli2010NCVT*
Smt. Prema Tiwari Private ITI, Punhad2012NCVT**
Smt. Vimla Singh Private ITI, Rampur Sargha2012NCVT 
Jaisraj Private ITI, Darshan Nagar2012NCVT 
Krishna Private ITI, Pure Husain Khan2013NCVT 
Urmila Private ITI, Sohawal2011NCVT 
Sukanya Devi Dhruv Prasad Singh Private ITI, Sahabganj2011NCVT 
H.L. Private ITI, Gaddou Pur2011NCVT*
Goshwami Dukhu Baba Private ITI, Tikri Gaon2011NCVT 
Jaspata Devi Private ITI, Barun Bazar2011NCVT 
Satya Prabha Private ITI, Faizabad2011NCVT**
Chintamani Smark Private ITI, Hathigo2011NCVT 
Smt. Geeta Tiwari Private ITI, Rasulabad2010NCVT 
Awadh Kishan Private ITI, Bikapur2010NCVT 
Dr. Badami Harihar Private ITI, Pure Husain Khan2010NCVT**
Prabha Private ITI, Rampur Sargha2010NCVT**
Pandit Rampragat Dubey Private ITI, Milkipur2010NCVT 
Bhanumati Private ITI, Bharat Kund2010NCVT 
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Private ITI, Baragaon2010NCVT 
Pt. Haridas Private ITI, Civil Line2010NCVT*
Gyan Private ITI, Meerpur2010NCVT 
S. D. Private ITI, Kumarganj2009NCVT 
Jaya Nand Private ITI, Bikapur2010NCVT*
Ch. Charan Singh Private ITI, Sohawal2009NCVT**
Professor K.K.Yadav Private ITI. Usroo2009NCVT***
Sagar Private ITI. Devkali2010NCVT**
Rameshwar Singh Private ITI, Dalpatpur2009NCVT**
Ram Charan Private ITI, Milkipur2008NCVT**
Yash Private ITI, Civil Lines2004NCVT 
WITS Private ITI, Faizabad2006NCVT*
Luxman Private ITI, Ayodhya2006NCVT*
Wellesley Bailey Vocational Training Centre, Sohawal2002NCVT