Top Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Shimoga

Shimoga or Shivamogga district is a district in the Karnataka state of India. A major part of Shimoga district lies in the Malnad region of the Western Ghats. Shivamogga city is its administrative centre. Jog Falls is a major tourist attraction. It is spread over an area of 8465 km2. he peak Kodachadri hill at an altitude of 1343 metres above sea level is the highest point in this district. Rivers Kali, Gangavati, Sharavati and Tadadi originate in this district. The two major rivers that flow through this district are Tunga and Bhadra which meet at Koodli near Shimoga city to gain the name of Tungabhadra, which later joins River Krishna. Foundry, agriculture and animal husbandry are the major contributors to the economy of Shimoga district.

Education and training in Shimoga aims at imparting knowledge, wisdom and good judgment. The basic aim of education in Shimoga has since time memorial been the transfer of culture from the past to the new generations. While training in Shimoga encompasses practical or vocational teaching related to specific skills. Training in Shimoga offers the backbone to the various technical institutes and colleges and develops the students professionally. Training helps the entire system of learning through the medium of observation, instruction and practice.

Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Shikaripur, Shimoga2006NCVT 
Govt. Industrial Training Institute (Women), Gajanur, Shimoga1984NCVT 
Govt. Industrial Training Institute (Women), Thirthahalli, Shimoga2007NCVT 
Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Bhadravati, Shimoga1961NCVT 
Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Soraba, Shimoga2008NCVT 
Adamya Private ITI, Issuru, Shimoga2008NCVT*
Ananya Rural Private ITI, Ayanur, Shimoga-NCVT*
Bharathi ITI College, Pampanagar, Shimoga2008NCVT 
D.H.S. Private ITI, Bhadravati, Shimoga2007NCVT 
Don Bosco Private ITI, Bhadravathi, Shimoga2010NCVT**
Gnanagangothri Private ITI, Soraba, Shimoga2006NCVT 
Jagadguru Dharukacharya Private ITI, Pampa Nagar, Shimoga2004NCVT 
Manyatha Private ITI, Sagar, Shimoga2012NCVT 
National Private ITI, Kumsi, Shimoga2010NCVT 
Nadodaya Private ITI, Sagar, Shimoga2004NCVT 
Sri Ramakrishna ITI, Gopala Gowada Extension, Shimoga2003NCVT 
S.J.P. Private ITI, Shiralakoppa, Shimoga1992NCVT**
S.S. Private ITI, Channakeshavanagar, Shimoga2013NCVT 
Sahyadri Rural ITI College, Anavatti, Shimoga2005NCVT 
Sathya Sai Private ITI, Malavagoppa, Shimoga2002NCVT 
Shramika Private ITI, Hosanagar, Shimoga2007NCVT 
Shree Channamallikarjuna Private ITI, Shiralakoppa, Shimoga1998NCVT 
Sri Jagadguru Panchacharya Private ITI, Shimoga1994NCVT 
Sri Madvacharya Private ITI, Holehonnur, Shimoga2002NCVT 
Sri Marula Siddeshwara Private ITI, Shikaripur, Shimoga-NCVT 
Sri Nandishwara Private ITI, Shikaripur, Shimoga2004NCVT 
Sri Rama Private ITI, Bhadravati, Shimoga2006NCVT 
Sri Sharadamaba Private ITI, Thirthahalli, Shimoga2011NCVT 
Sri Siddhartha Private ITI, Vidyanagar, Shimoga2005NCVT 
Sri Vinayaka Private ITI, Vidyanagar, Shimoga2010NCVT 
Sri Akkamahadevi ITI for Women, Udugani, Shimoga1984NCVT 
Sumauka Private ITI, Anandpur, Shimoga-NCVT 
Sumukha Private ITI, Anavatti, Shimoga2003NCVT**
TMAES Private ITI, KR Puram, Shimoga1983NCVT 
TMAE Society Private ITI, Bhadravati, Shimoga1998NCVT 
Trinity Private ITI, Gopala Gowda Extension, Shimoga2008NCVT 
TSSK Private ITI, Talaguppa, Shimoga2004NCVT 
Varada Private ITI, Sagar, Shimoga2007NCVT 
Vidya Sagar Private ITI, Shankaraghatta, Shimoga1993NCVT