Top Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Gulbarga (Kalaburagi)

Gulbarga (Kalaburagi) district is one of the districts of Karnataka state in southern India. Gulbarga city is the administrative headquarters of the district. The district has an area of 10,951 km². Gulbarga is situated in Deccan Plateau and the general elevation ranges from 300 to 750 meters above mean sea level. Two main rivers, Krishna and Bhima, flow in the district. Black soil is predominant soil type in the district. The district has a large number of tanks which, in addition to the rivers, irrigate the land. The Upper Krishna Project is major irrigation venture in the district. Bajra, toor, sugarcane, groundnut, sunflower, sesame, castor bean, black gram, jowar, wheat, cotton, ragi, Bengal gram, and linseed are grown in this district.

Education and training in Gulbarga aims at imparting knowledge, wisdom and good judgment. The basic aim of education in Gulbarga has since time memorial been the transfer of culture from the past to the new generations. While training in Gulbarga encompasses practical or vocational teaching related to specific skills. Training in Gulbarga offers the backbone to the various technical institutes and colleges and develops the students professionally. Training helps the entire system of learning through the medium of observation, instruction and practice.

Govt. Industrial Training Institute for Women, Kalaburagi, Gulbarga1984NCVT 
Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Jewargi, Gulbarga 2003NCVT 
Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Chincholi, Gulbarga1998NCVT 
Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Wadi, Gulbarga1988NCVT 
Govt. Industrial Training Institute (Men), Kalaburagi, Gulbarga1963NCVT 
Prof. P.S.Choudary ITI, Kalaburagi, Gulbarga1983NCVT 
Adikeshava Private ITI, Nandikur, Gulbarga2006NCVT 
Apex Private ITI, Gulbarga2010NCVT 
Aryan Private ITI, Kalaburagi, Gulbagra2006NCVT 
Bhavani Private ITI, Shaikh Roza, Gulbarga 2007NCVT**
Citizen Private ITI, Adarsh Nagar, Gulbarga2010NCVT 
Devrajaurs Private ITI, Aland, Gulbarga 2001NCVT 
Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Private ITI, Jevargi, Gulbarga 2010NCVT 
Dr. B.R Ambedker Private ITI, Kamalapur, Gulbarga1996NCVT 
Ekantha Ramaya Private ITI, Aland, Gulbarga2003NCVT 
Flora Private ITI, Reghavendra Colony, Gulbarga2005NCVT 
Gurukul Private ITI, Nizampur, Gulbarga2010NCVT 
Gurukrupa Private ITI, SBH Colony, Gulbarga2005NCVT*
H.K.E.S Private ITI, Nimbarga, Gulbarga1984NCVT 
Hussaini Private ITI, Gulbarga2007NCVT 
Hyderabad Karnataka Education Society's ITI, Kamalapur, Gulbarga1986NCVT 
H.K.E's ITI College, Kalaburagi, Gulbarga1987NCVT 
Jnana Jyoti ITI College, Sedam, Gulbarga2004NCVT 
Kagina Private ITI, Aditya Nagar, Gulbarga 1999NCVT 
Kamalapur Rural Educational Society ITI, Kamalapur, Gulbarga2003NCVT 
Kayaka Private ITI, Aland, Gulbarga1988NCVT 
KSES Private ITI, Kalaburagi, Gulbarga1988NCVT 
Kudala Sangama Educational Societys ITI, Shahabad, Gulbarga1997NCVT 
Late Smt. Kasthuri Mallikarjuna Tadakal ITI, Mahagaon Cross, Gulbarga2003NCVT 
Margadarshi ITI College, Hiroli, Gulbarga 2008NCVT 
MM Garampalli Private ITI, Tilak Nagar, Gulbarga2006NCVT 
National Private ITI, Wadi, Gulbarga2010NCVT 
NImi Private ITI, Gulbarga2006NCVT 
Omkar Private ITI, Aland, Gulbarga2011NCVT 
Paripurna Private ITI, Afzalpur, Gulbarga2006NCVT 
Pragathi Private ITI, VK Salgar, Gulbarga2003NCVT 
Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi ITI, Rajapur, Gulbarga1998NCVT*
Rajiv Gandhi Private ITI, Gulbarga2004NCVT 
Revana Siddeshwara Private ITI, Chittapur, Gulbarga2008NCVT 
Rohini Private ITI, Kalaburagi, Gulbarga2004NCVT 
Rose Private ITI, Kalaburagi, Gulbarga2008NCVT 
Rural ITI College, Madana Hipparagi, Gulbarga1995NCVT 
S.R. Patil Private ITI, Kalaburagi, Gulbarga2015NCVT 
S.S. Private ITI, Maadan Hipparga, Gulbarga2012NCVT 
Sahara Private ITI, Kalaburagi, Gulbarga2007NCVT 
Saptagiri Private ITI, Sulepeth, Gulbarga 2006NCVT 
Sharan Private ITI, Kalaburagi, Gulbarga2008NCVT 
Sharana Basaveshwara Private ITI, Chittapur, Gulbarga2007NCVT 
Shree Basaveshwar Private ITI, Farhatabad, Gulbarga 2006NCVT 
SRSDF Private ITI, Havalgi, Gulbarga2012NCVT 
Shree Sai Private ITI, Sedam, Gulbarga2010NCVT 
Shri Channaveer Shivacharya Private ITI, Taj Sultanpur, Gulbarga2007NCVT 
Shri Gurushantha Lingeshwara ITI, Gulbarga2005NCVT*
Shri Sathya Sai Private ITI, Aland, Gulbarga2000NCVT 
Shri Sharan Private ITI, Kalaburagi, Gulbarga2012NCVT 
Shri Siddaramaiah Private ITI, Kalaburagi, Gulbarga2006NCVT 
Sir M. Vishveshwaraiah Private ITI, Jevargi, Gulbarga 2007NCVT 
Sir M. Vishweshwarayya ITI, Kamalanagar, Gulbarga2010NCVT 
Sir. M.Vishweshwaraiah Private ITI, Munnahalli, Gulbarga2009NCVT 
Sir. M.Vishweshwaraiah Private ITI, Chandapur, Gulbarga2004NCVT 
Sri Siddaramayya Inamdar ITI, Gulbarga2004NCVT 
Sri Adikeshava Private ITI, Ramnagar, Gulbarga2006NCVT 
Sri Balaji Private ITI, Kalaburagi, Gulbarga2012NCVT 
Sri Dharamsingh Private ITI, Yedrami, Gulbarga2007NCVT 
Sri Guru Private ITI, Chandapur, Gulbarga2011NCVT 
Sri Gurudatta Private ITI, Chowdapur, Gulbarga2008NCVT 
Sri Jagadguru Tontadarya Private ITI, Rudnoor, Gulbarga2007NCVT 
Sri Kottala Basaveshwara Private ITI, Sedam, Gulbarga2010NCVT 
Sri Laxmi Venkteshwara Private ITI, Kalaburagi, Gulbarga2006NCVT*
Sri Mahanteshwara Vidhya Varthaka Sangha, Afzalpur, Gulbarga 1983NCVT 
Sri Mailar Lingeshwar Private ITI, Sedam, Gulbarga 2014NCVT 
Sri Neelakantappa Devaramane Private ITI, Sonna, Gulbarga2007NCVT 
Sri Noorandeshwar Private ITI, Jevargi, Gulbarga2004NCVT 
Sri Prabhulinga Private ITI, Nimbarga, Gulbarga2008NCVT 
Sri Sadguru Private ITI, Mahalaxmi Layout, Gulbarga2008NCVT*
Sri Sathya Sai Private ITI, Mudhol, Gulbarga 2007NCVT 
Sri Sharana Basaveshwar Private ITI, Jevargi, Gulbarga 2006NCVT 
Sri Sidda Totendra Private ITI, Nalwar, Gulbarga2008NCVT 
Sri Siddasaveshwara Private ITI, Mahagaon, Gulbarga2007NCVT 
Sri Jagadguru Tontadarya Private ITI, Jevargi, Gulbarga2004NCVT 
Swamy Vivekananda Private ITI, Chandapur, Gulbarga2008NCVT 
Vinaya Raj Private ITI, Kanta Colony, Gulbarga2004NCVT 
Vocational Educational Society Private ITI, Gulbarga1981NCVT***
Zohra Private ITI, Gulbarga1995NCVT