Top Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Davanagere (Devanagere)

Davanagere District is an administrative district of Karnataka state in India. The city of Davanagere is the district headquarters. The district lies in the central plains of the state with its unique features of having dual cultures of the north and the south of the state. Davanagere district lies in the plain region on the Deccan Plateau locally known as Bayalu Seeme. The district has an area of 5,926 km2 (2,288 sq mi). Davanagere district has an agreeable and healthy climate. Within the district the southern belt has a more pleasant weather. Davanagere is predominantly an agriculture district and cultivable land is the backbone of its economy. Arecanut and coconut are the major plantation crops grown in the district. Mango, sapota, pomegranate, banana, etc., are the major fruit crops. Oil palm, cashewnut, cardamom and vanila are fruit crops such fig (anjura), pomegranate, papaya etc.

Education and training in Davanagere aims at imparting knowledge, wisdom and good judgment. The basic aim of education in Davanagere has since time memorial been the transfer of culture from the past to the new generations. While training in Davanagere encompasses practical or vocational teaching related to specific skills. Training in Davanagere offers the backbone to the various technical institutes and colleges and develops the students professionally. Training helps the entire system of learning through the medium of observation, instruction and practice.

Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Davanagere1962NCVT 
Govt. Industrial Training Insitute, Channagiri, Devanagere1999NCVT 
Govt. Industrial Training Insitute, Jagalur, Devanagere2007NCVT 
ABSSK KCV Private ITI, Harihar, Devanagere 1993NCVT 
Chamundeshwari Private ITI, Devanagere2009NCVT 
H Parameshwarappa Memeorial ITI, Shayagale, Devanagere 2009NCVT 
Halaswamy Rural ITI, Sasvehalli, Devanagere 2008NCVT 
Hemareddy Mallamma Private ITI, Harapanahalli, Devanagere2008NCVT 
Jnana Gangothri Private ITI, Channagiri, Devanagere 2008NCVT 
Jnanadeepa Private ITI, Nallur, Devanagere 2008NCVT 
K. Saraswathi Private ITI, Halvagalu, Devanagere2003NCVT 
Mallikarjuna Private ITI, Devanagere2005NCVT 
Millath Private ITI, Basha Nagar, Devanagere 2007NCVT 
Nisarga Private ITI, Nazeernagar, Devanagere2007NCVT 
Nutana Private ITI, Harapanahalli, Devanagere2008NCVT 
RVVS Private ITI, Nittuvalli, Devanagere1998NCVT 
RTPI Private ITI, Kumbaluru, Devanagere1986NCVT 
S.K.E.S Private ITI, Santhebennur, Devanagere2007NCVT 
Sakri Industrial Training Centre, Harihar, Devanagere2007NCVT 
SBK Private ITI, Malebennur, Devanagere2010NCVT 
Shiva Naradamuni Private ITI, Harapanahalli, Devanagere2010NCVT 
Shri Krishana Private ITI, Basavapatna, Devanagere1998NCVT 
Smt Annapornamma N.H. Shankarappa ITI, Nyamathi, Devanagere1984NCVT 
Smt Gangamma & Sri Veerabhadra Shastry ITI, Honnali, Devanagere2001NCVT 
Smt Halama Malikarjunappa Memorial Rural ITI, Anaji, Devanagere2008NCVT 
Sri Basaveshwara Rural ITI, Hiremegalagere, Devanagere2010NCVT 
Sri Channabasava Shivayogi ITI, Neelagunda, Devanagere2007NCVT 
Sri Guru Kotturesshwara ITI, Doddabathi, Devanagere2007NCVT 
Sri Jagadguru Rural ITI, Harapanahalli, Devanagere2008NCVT 
Sri K.M.V Private ITI, Harihara, Devanagere 2008NCVT 
Sri Kaginele Mahasamstana Kanaka Guru Peeta ITI, Honnali, Devanagere2007NCVT 
Sri Kolkar Dasappa Memorial ITI, Santhebennur, Devanagere2009NCVT 
Sri Kolushanthehwara Private ITI, Arasikere, Devanagere1905NCVT 
Sri Kote Anjaneya Rural ITI, Teligi, Devanagere2008NCVT 
Sri Laxmi Ranganatha Private ITI, Bada, Devanagere2007NCVT 
Sri Laxmiranganatha Private ITI, Devarahalli, Devanagere 2008NCVT 
Sri Mruthyunjaya Private ITI, Devanagere2009NCVT 
Sri Nandeeshwara Private ITI, Nandigudi, Devanagere 2005NCVT 
Sri Nandhini Private ITI, Alur, Devanagere2007NCVT 
Sri Nandi Private ITI, Harapanahalli, Devanagere2006NCVT 
Sri Naradamuni Private ITI, Harapanahalli, Devanagere2010NCVT 
Sri Raghavendra Private ITI, Nallur, Devanagere2007NCVT 
Sri Renukamba Rural ITI, Kukkuvada, Devanagere1991NCVT 
Sri Shaila Jagadguru Rural ITI, Harapanahalli, Devanagere 2002NCVT 
Sri Sharana Basaveshwara Grameena ITI, Donnehalli, Devanagere2007NCVT 
Sri Siddeshwara Private ITI, Jeenahalli, Devanagere 2012NCVT*
Sri Tungabhadra Private ITI, Malebennur, Devanagere2008NCVT 
Sri Vishwa Guru Private ITI, Jagalur, Devanagere2011NCVT 
TMAEs Maharudraswamy Private ITI, Channagiri, Devanagere1988NCVT 
Trinity Private ITI, Pallagatte, Devanagere2011NCVT 
Usmaniya Private ITI, Kerebilichi, Devanagere 2000NCVT