Top Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Bellary (Ballari)

Bellary is a district in Karnataka state, India. Historical sites, farm land and rich minerals characterize Ballari district. It is also the home of the former capital of the famous Vijayanagara Empire, Vijayanagara, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Recently making headlines with mining industry, Ballari, the district's capital, is known as Steel City and Gani Nadu (City of Mining). The geographical area is 8447 km². The major occupation of this district is agriculture. The important crops grown are cotton, jowar, groundnuts, rice, sunflowers and cereals. The main source of irrigation is Tungabhadra Dam. Important rivers are Tungabhadra, Hagari and Chikkahagari.

Education and training in Bellary aims at imparting knowledge, wisdom and good judgment. The basic aim of education in Bellary has since time memorial been the transfer of culture from the past to the new generations. While training in Bellary encompasses practical or vocational teaching related to specific skills. Training in Bellary offers the backbone to the various technical institutes and colleges and develops the students professionally. Training helps the entire system of learning through the medium of observation, instruction and practice.

Government Industrial Training Institute, Bellary1962NCVT 
Government Industrial Training Institute, Hosapete, Bellary2000NCVT 
Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Kudligi, Bellary1997NCVT 
Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Huvina Hadagali, Bellary1984NCVT 
Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Vittalapur, Bellary1997NCVT*
Govt. Industrial Training Institute, ITTIGI, Bellary2007NCVT*
Amma Private ITI, Bellary 2008NCVT**
B M Kumaraswamy Private ITI, Tekkalakote, Bellary2007NCVT 
Bellary Private ITI, Sanjay Gandhi Nagar, Bellary2002NCVT***
Deccan Private ITI, Patel Nagar, Bellary2001NCVT 
Dr B R Ambedkar ITI, Hosapete, Bellary1995NCVT 
Global Private ITI, Hosapete, Bellary2001NCVT****
Heroji Lal Private ITI, Hagaribommanahalli, Bellary 2007NCVT 
Jagadguru Kotturswamy Private ITI, Bellary1997NCVT 
K Ramachandrappa Private ITI, Bellary2004NCVT 
K.M.S Private ITI, Hosahalli, Bellary2008NCVT 
Katte Basaveshwara Private ITI, Kampli, Bellary2009NCVT 
Kavitha Private ITI, Hagaribommanahalli, Bellary2008NCVT 
Mariswaraiah Matada Patil Private ITI, Huvina Hadagali, Bellary2006NCVT 
Mylarlingeshwara Private ITI, Holalu, Bellary2006NCVT 
Neelamma Basaveshwara Private ITI, Bellary2002NCVT 
Pragati Junior Tech. School & ITI, Kampli, Bellary2007NCVT 
Rukminamma Memorial Private ITI, Millerpet, Bellary2007NCVT 
SSV Private ITI, Havambhavi, Bellary2008NCVT 
SES Rural Private ITI, Siruguppa, Bellary1997NCVT 
S.P.G.U Education Society Private ITI, Kudatini, Bellary 1997NCVT 
Sapthagiri Private ITI, Cantonment, Bellary2006NCVT 
Sevalal Private ITI, Hampasagara, Bellary2010NCVT 
Shantiniketan Private ITI, Hosapete, Bellary2005NCVT 
Shree Yerriswamy Private ITI, Moka, Bellary 1998NCVT 
Shri Kumar Swamy Private ITI, Sandur, Bellary 2004NCVT 
Sir M Vishweshwaraiah Private ITI, Bellary2003NCVT**
Smt. Bannikallu Muttigi Rukmaniniyamma Ramachandrappa Memorial ITI, Sree Rama Nagar2009NCVT 
Smt. Gouramma Rural Private ITI, Karur, Bellary2008NCVT***
Smt. Rajeshwari Private ITI, Parvathi Nagar, Bellary2004NCVT 
Smt. M.M.J. Gowaramma Private ITI, Kotturu, Bellary2007NCVT 
Smt.T.M. Sumangalamma Private ITI, Kotturu, Bellary 2010NCVT 
Sree Gurusiddheshwar Private ITI, Kampli, Bellary1997NCVT 
Sree Hanuman Private ITI, Havambhavi, Bellary2007NCVT 
Sree Jagadguru Kotturswamy Private ITI, Siruguppa, Bellary1984NCVT 
Sree Koushalya Siri Private ITI, MB Ayyanahalli, Bellary2012NCVT 
Sri Balaji Private ITI, Bellary2006NCVT 
Sri Basava Rural Private ITI, Bellary2007NCVT 
Sri Bharath Private ITI, Hosa Daroji, Bellary2009NCVT***
Sri Goggachannabasaiah Private ITI, Kampli, Bellary2008NCVT 
Sri Guru Kottureshwara Private ITI, Hagaribommanahalli, Bellary2008NCVT 
Sri Guru Kottureshwara Private ITI, Kotturu, Bellary2000NCVT 
Sri Guru Mari Kottureshwara Private ITI, Huvina Hadagali, Bellary2008NCVT 
Sri Gurubasaveshwara Private ITI, Sandur, Bellary2008NCVT 
Sri Gurukottureshwara Rural Private ITI, Emmiganur, Bellary 2007NCVT 
Sri Hanumanthappa Private ITI, Maramanahalli, Bellary2009NCVT 
Sri Jagadguru Kotturu Swamy Private ITI, Hospete, Bellary2008NCVT 
Sri Kashi Jagadguru Private ITI, Huvina Hadagali, Bellary2008NCVT 
Sri Katte Basaveshwara Private ITI, Kurugodu, Bellary2010NCVT 
Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara Private ITI, Kudligi, Bellary2007NCVT 
Sri Lohadri Private ITI, Sandur, Bellary 2009NCVT 
Sri Muga Basveshwara Private ITI, Hagaribommanahalli, Bellary2010NCVT 
Sri Oojeini Private ITI, Kotturu, Bellary2001NCVT 
Sri Rambhapuri Jagadguru Private ITI, Kotturu, Bellary2010NCVT 
Sri Ranganatha Rural Private ITI, Thambrahalli, Bellary 2011NCVT 
Sri Siddeshwara Rural Private ITI, Kurugodu, Bellary1997NCVT 
Sri Sindhagi Shanthaveereshwara Private ITI, Kotturu, Bellary 2001NCVT*
Sri Srinivasa Private ITI, Kotturu, Bellary2002NCVT 
Sri Ujjaini Jagadguru Private ITI, Ittigi, Bellary2011NCVT 
Sri Valmiki Private ITI, Hosapete, Bellary 2009NCVT 
Sri Vidyarannya Private ITI, Hosapete, Bellary 2008NCVT 
Sri Vinayaka Private ITI, Kudligi, Bellary2008NCVT 
Sri Shalla Jagadguru Private ITI, Kotturu, Bellary2009NCVT 
Sri Sharanabasaveshwara Gramina Private ITI, Kanamadagu, Bellary2002NCVT 
Sri V.P. Eshwaranaik Private ITI, Kotturu, Bellary2008NCVT 
Sri Ujjaini Jagadguru Private ITI, Ittigi, Bellary2009NCVT 
Srikari Private ITI, Hosapete, Bellary 2007NCVT 
TMAES Private ITI, Hosapete, Bellary 1983NCVT 
T.M. Kotraiah Private ITI, Holalu, Bellary2007NCVT 
Sri Thimmaiah Shetty Private ITI, Hagaribommanahalli, Bellary 1984NCVT 
Vidya Sharada Private ITI, Bevinahalli, Bellary2008NCVT 
Vidyaranya Private ITI, Kampli, Bellary2004NCVT 
Vijayanagara Private ITI, Kamalapur, Bellary1905NCVT 
Vidyavahini Private ITI, Bellary1998NCVT 
Vikas Private ITI, Kampli, Bellary2010NCVT 
Vishwabandhu Private ITI, Holalu, Bellary2009NCVT 
Vishweshwaraiya Private ITI, Hosapete, Bellary1995NCVT 
Yerriswamy Education Trust ITI, Bellary1997NCVT