Top Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Belgaum (Belagavi)

Belgaum is a district in the state of Karnataka, India. The city of Belgaum is the district headquarters in North Karnataka. The district has an area of 13,415 square kilometers. Belgaum is the Divisional Headquarters of North Karnataka The ancient name of the town of Belgaum was Venugrama, meaning Bamboo Village. Belgaum is one of the oldest, strong, prominent and well cultured historical place nestling high in the Western Ghats. Belgaum acts as a trade centre for food grains, sugarcane, cotton, tobacco, oilseed, and milk products. Industries include leather, clay, pottery, soap, cotton, and precious metals. It is very famous for it's Powerloom Industries which provide employment for many weavers.

Education and training in Belgaum aims at imparting knowledge, wisdom and good judgment. The basic aim of education in Belgaum has since time memorial been the transfer of culture from the past to the new generations. While training in Belgaum encompasses practical or vocational teaching related to specific skills. Training in Belgaum offers the backbone to the various technical institutes and colleges and develops the students professionally. Training helps the entire system of learning through the medium of observation, instruction and practice.

Government Industrial Training Institute for Women, Belgaum1984NCVT***
Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Nesargi, Belgaum1905NCVT**
Govt. Industrial Training Institute Ramdurga, Belgaum2000NCVT**
Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Saundatti, Belgaum1999NCVT 
Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Udyambag, Belgaum1960NCVT***
Govt. Industrial Training Institute (Women), Belgaum2008NCVT 
Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Gokak, Belgaum1905NCVT**
Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Nipani, Belgaum1997NCVT**
Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Sadalaga, Belgaum2001NCVT 
Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Kittur, Belgaum2007NCVT***
Adarsha Private ITI, Auto Nagar, Belgaum2011NCVT 
Allamprabhu Private ITI, Chikodi, Belgaum1996NCVT 
Anjuman-E-Islam ITI College, Belgaum2004NCVT 
Annapurneshwari Private ITI, Raibag, Belgaum2001NCVT 
Arunodaya Vidya Samsthe ITI, Bailhongal, Belgaum1995NCVT 
Basavajoyti Private ITI, Gokak, Belgaum2002NCVT 
Belgaum Private ITI, Auto Nagar, Belgaum2011NCVT 
Bhubanraj Private ITI, Sankeshwar, Belgaum2009NCVT**
Chaitanya Private ITI, Mudalagi, Belgaum2002NCVT 
Chanakya Private ITI, Raibag, Belgaum2014NCVT 
CLES Society Private ITI, Chikodi, Belgaum2003NCVT 
D.M.W & E. Society Private ITI, Hukkeri, Belgaum2012NCVT 
Dynamic Private ITI, Machhe, Belgaum2012NCVT 
Global Private ITI, Kudachi, Belgaum2009NCVT 
Global Rural Industrial Training Institute, Peeranwadi, Belgaum2008NCVT 
Govardhan Private ITI, Lokapur, Belgaum2009NCVT 
Insta-Tech Computer ITI, Shaniwar Khoot, Belgaum2007NCVT 
Islamiya Private ITI, Camp, Belgaum1986NCVT*
J.E. Society’s Private ITI, Athani, Belgaum2012NCVT 
JSP Sangha's Sri Renuka Private ITI, Manolli, Belgaum2006NCVT 
Karnataka Private ITI, Kakati, Belgaum2007NCVT 
Karnataka Private ITI, Nesargi, Belgaum2011NCVT 
Kitturu Rani Channamma Education Societies ITI, Bailhongal, Belgaum2006NCVT 
KLE Society’s Private ITI, Bailhongal, Belgaum2011NCVT 
KLE's Private ITI, Gokak, Belgaum2003NCVT 
Komalanna Doddanavar Bharatesh Private ITI, Belgaum1983NCVT 
Koushaly Private ITI, Boodanur, Belgaum2012NCVT 
M.K. Kangalagouda Private ITI, Halaga, Belgaum2011NCVT 
M.S. Khot Private ITI, Belgaum 2012NCVT 
Mahalaxmi Private ITI, Examba, Belgaum2012NCVT 
Maratha Mandal Private Industrial Training Institute, Nipani, Belgaum1993NCVT 
Mathoshri Gowramma Channappa Gangadhar Memorial Private ITI, Athani2012NCVT 
Media Private ITI, Belgaum2002NCVT 
Metro Private ITI, Belgaum2010NCVT 
Modern Private ITI, Nipani, Belgaum2010NCVT 
Modern Private ITI, Bharat Nagar, Belgaum2012NCVT*
Modern Private ITI, Raibag, Belgaum2011NCVT 
Murgarajendra Rural Private ITI, Athani, Belgaum2006NCVT 
N.S.Ammanagi Private ITI, Kulgod, Belgaum2010NCVT 
Noble Private ITI, Athani, Belgaum2011NCVT 
Noble Rural Private ITI, Bidi, Belgaum2001NCVT 
Noble Rural Private ITI, Karambal, Belgaum2010NCVT 
Om Private ITI, Gokak, Belgaum2011NCVT**
Prop. Hansi Private ITI, Vatnal, Belgaum2008NCVT 
Protech Private ITI, Belgaum2002NCVT 
R.A. Patil Private ITI Borgaon, Belgaum2008NCVT 
Renuka Rural Private ITI, Yaragatti, Belgaum2011NCVT 
Royal Private ITI, Azam Nagar, Belgaum2009NCVT 
S.B.E Society Private ITI, Sankeshwar, Belgaum 2008NCVT 
S.D.V.S Sangh’s Priivate ITI, Sankeshwar, Belgaum2009NCVT 
S.S Education Trust's Dr Shivabasava Private ITI, Shree Nagar, Belgaum1996NCVT 
Samrat Private ITI, Yadwad, Belgaum2009NCVT 
Sh. Murugarjendra Private ITI, Athani, Belgaum 2000NCVT 
Sharadamba Shikshan Sam ITI, Saundatti, Belgaum 2000NCVT 
Shree Renuka Sugars Development Foundation's ITI, Kokatnur, Belgaum2013NCVT**
Shregunasi Shankar Lingeshwar Mahaswamiji Private ITI, Athani, Belgaum2005NCVT 
Shri Basaveshwara Private ITI, Athani, Belgaum2009NCVT 
Shri Kanakadas Industrial Training Institute, Gokak, Belgaum2003NCVT 
Shri Kanakadas Private ITI, Bailhongal, Belgaum2005NCVT 
Shri Mahaveer Private ITI, Raibag, Belgaum2001NCVT**
Shri Rameshwar Private ITI, Ramdurg, Belgaum2010NCVT 
Shri Sadguru Rayalingeshwar Private ITI, Madhabhavi, Belgaum2012NCVT 
Shri Sharada Private ITI, Hire Bagewadi, Belgaum2008NCVT 
Shri Shri Kanakadas Private ITI, Bailhongal, Belgaum2012NCVT**
Shri Siddarameshwar Education Trust, Shivabasava Nagar, Belgaum1986NCVT 
Shri Vidyasagar Private ITI, Borgaon, Belgaum2009NCVT 
Shubha Private ITI, Munavalli, Belgaum2005NCVT 
Sir M. Vishweshwarih Private ITI Ghataprabha, Belgaum2004NCVT 
Sirajul Uloom Private ITI, Kudchi, Belgaum 2003NCVT 
Smt. Tamgemma Marlingannavar Private ITI, Akkatangerhal, Belgaum2008NCVT 
Smt. Hemareddy Mallama Private ITI, Ramdurg, Belgaum2009NCVT 
Smt.Susila R. Patil Private ITI, Nidasoshi, Belgaum2014NCVT 
Sri Akkappa Naik Private ITI, Hosur, Belgaum2007NCVT 
Shri Babukaka Shirgaokar Technical Educational Trust's Private ITI, Ugar Khurd1995NCVT 
Sri Basaveshwara HI-Tech Private ITI, Athani, Belgaum 2009NCVT 
Sri Basaveshwara Private ITI, Hire Bagewadi, Belgaum2009NCVT 
Sri Bhagavan Private ITI, Harugeri, Belgaum2009NCVT 
Sri C.B.V.V. Sangha’s Private ITI, Mugalkhod, Belgaum2010NCVT 
Sri Guru Siddeshwara Private ITI, Maradimath, Belgaum 2003NCVT***
Sri Hanuman Private ITI, Harugeri, Belgaum2004NCVT 
Sri Ishaprabhu Educational Society’s ITI, Belawadi, Belgaum2011NCVT 
Sri Logic Technologies Private ITI, Hire Bagewadi, Belgaum2004NCVT 
Sri Mahanta Duradundeshwara Private ITI, Bailhongal, Belgaum2012NCVT 
Sri Mallikarjuna Private ITI, Hattargi, Belgaum2012NCVT 
Sri Murugarajendra Private ITI, Koligudda, Belgaum 1998NCVT 
Sri Neelakanteshwara Vidyavardaka Samsthe ITI, Bailhongal, Belgaum1984NCVT 
Sri Phalahareshwar ITI, Hanchinal, Belgaum2008NCVT 
Sri Raghavendra Private ITI, Auto Nagar, Belgaum2004NCVT 
Sri Rajarajeshwari Private ITI, Hukkeri, Belgaum2012NCVT 
Sri Rama Krishna Paramhansa Private ITI, Ankali, Belgaum2009NCVT 
Sri Renuka Private ITI, Saundatti, Belgaum 2009NCVT 
Sri Renukamba Private ITI, Ghataprabha, Belgaum2007NCVT 
Sri Sadguru Rayalineshwara Private ITI, Kakamari, Belgaum2009NCVT 
Sri Sai Anjan Private ITI, Ganeshpur, Belgaum2012NCVT 
Sri Sai Private ITI, Chikodi, Belgaum 2010NCVT 
Sri Sai Private ITI, Sadalaga, Belgaum 2009NCVT 
Sri Sangamesh Private ITI, Auto Nagar, Belgaum2005NCVT 
Sri Sangameswara Private ITI, Manihal Sureban, Belgaum2001NCVT 
Sri Shiva Sidda Someshwara Private ITI, Sankeshwar, Belgaum2007NCVT**
Sri Siddeswara Education Trust Private ITI, Kittur, Belgaum2004NCVT 
Sri Veer Bhadreshwar Private ITI, Katkol, Belgaum2002NCVT 
Sri Vishwaraj Private ITI, Hukkeri, Belgaum2010NCVT 
St. Xavier's Private ITI, Khanapur, Belgaum2005NCVT 
Swami Vivekanand Private ITI, Gokak, Belgaum2011NCVT**
United Private ITI, Camp, Belgaum2004NCVT 
V M Katti Private ITI, Bagewadi, Belgaum2011NCVT 
V.V.Samiti's Siddheshwar Private ITI,, Kagwad, Belgaum2001NCVT 
Vasant S. Nilajagi Private ITI, Hukkeri, Belgaum2012NCVT 
Vidya Vahini Private ITI, Yaragatti, Belgaum2009NCVT 
Vishwa Bharti Private ITI, Telsang, Belgaum2005NCVT 
Vishwa Chetana Private ITI, Ramadurg, Belgaum 2009NCVT